Gorillas In Rwanda

If the idea of exclusive once in a lifetime experiences, jaw-dropping landscapes, and pure luxury sound like your idea of a perfect adventure, our Gorillas in Rwanda tour is for you. Getting up close to the majestic Silverback Gorilla, connecting with the local people, and exploring one of Africa's safest countries is all possible with this unique tour of Rwanda. 

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Stay in a combination of wonderful hotels in prime locations and luxurious lodges deep in the heart of the Rwandan Jungle


You will tour around in your very own Safari land cruiser 4x4 complete with wifi and power sockets


Return flights with Qatar Airways, recently voted the world's best airline


A safari drive where you will have a chance to see Africa's most iconic animals and the highlight of the trip, the Gorilla encounter complete with trek and guide



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Everything you need to know
Kigali, one of the safest and trendy cities in Africa. Volcanoes National Park where you will set out for a close encounter with the Gorillas. Akagera National Park where you will go in search for Africa's most iconic animals
:الشروط والأحكام

Trip highlights



The Gorillas


Ever wondered what it would be like to get up close to one of the planets most elusive animals? Well with our Gorillas of Rwanda holiday packages now you can. This once in a lifetime experience will truly take your breath away. First you will wake up at the crack of dawn and set off on a day of discovery and adventure in your very own 4X4. Your hotel will also supply you with a delicious takeaway breakfast which you can munch on during the journey. You will then meet your guide who has years of experience interacting with the Gorillas and knows exactly where to find them. Once located your guide will take you on a spectacular hike through the lush jungle of Rwanda…prepare yourself for truly unforgettable panoramic views along the way. Excitement continues to build during the trek as you near closer to the Gorillas until your guide signals that they are in sight. That first glimpse of the Gorillas is truly magical and something you will not forget in a hurry. You will then spend the next hour getting up close and personal to these gentle giants, watching them play, eat and chilling out.





Imagine taking a morning drive and seeing zebras gallop across the meadows, hippos chilling out in a lake, lions enjoying a well-deserved nap or a herd of elephants feasting on their breakfast. During our 6 day Rwanda holiday you will enjoy an unforgettable safari drive where you will have the chance to see all of this and more. During your drive your expert driver and tour guide will forever be on the lookout for new animals. Whether it's hopping into your 4X4 and racing towards a potential lion sighting or turning the corner and finding a giant herd of elephants, prepare to be mesmerized. 






Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda’s stunning scenery and warm, friendly people offer unique experiences in one of the safest and cleanest countries in Africa. Whether it's being greeted by the sound of traditional Rwandan Drums, enjoying the countries iconic dance culture or savouring some local cuisine, you will be fully immersed in the countries beautiful and colourful culture. With the country also having incredible transport links and a wonderful infrastructure, you can go from the city to the Jungle in under 2 hours.



Complete Luxury


We have handpicked some of Rwanda’s most unique and luxurious hotels and included them in our holiday packages. Featuring the perfect blend of unimaginable luxury with an authentic African experience, you will enjoy a good night’s sleep in everything from luxurious lodges set deep in the heart of the Rwandan jungle to trendy hotels set in prime city locations. You will experience first-hand the famous Rwandan hospitality and will be blown away by the attentive service you experience at each of the hotels you stay at. You can also mix and match your preferred accommodation depending on your budget. We have options ranging from standard to ultra-luxurious.