A breathtaking blend of mountains, sea and vibrant cities, Georgia is a natural paradise waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re hiking through the Caucasus Mountains, swimming in the Black Sea, or visiting a local market in Tbilisi, it’s easy to fall in love with this beautiful country. With a respected local culinary culture, an open and welcoming people, and a fascinating history to explore, there’s something for everyone in Georgia. From its outdoor café scene to its intriguing religious heritage, Georgia surprises and delights in equal measure.

On a package holiday to Georgia with Qatar Airways Holidays, you’ll get a chance to experience everything this unique nation has to offer.

  • Stroll through the capital’s narrow streets and marvel at the patchwork of architectural styles and the abundance of cafés, bars, restaurants, and shopping opportunities.
  • Explore the stunning mountainous regions and stumble across beautiful monasteries, forgotten villages, and untouched landscapes.
  • Relax on one of Georgia’s many beaches, where the mountains meet the sea and make for one of the most impressive coastlines in Europe.
  • Enjoy Tbilisi’s eclectic and emerging nightlife, dining and dancing the night away.

Georgia Destinations

Georgia Holiday Packages

While Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, is a modern, cosmopolitan city with a unique identity, there’s plenty of history to be explored in the surrounding areas. The country’s fascinating monastic legacy has had a lasting impact on the country’s rural regions, and the mountains are dotted with many impressive churches and monasteries. You can scale mountains, cycle through valleys, and enjoy 4x4 tours of large swathes of this incredible natural heritage.

If a relaxing holiday is what you want, take it easy at one of the luxury coastal resorts and enjoy the sun-soaked subtropical climate. Alternatively, culinary packages to Georgia allow you to savour the country’s deliciously juicy dumplings, taste its wholesome mtsvadi, and wash it down with popular Lagidze waters.

Whatever your preference, with holiday packages to Georgia with Qatar Airways Holidays, you’ll travel in both luxury and style, discovering this wonderful country at your own pace and in your own way.

Good to know

Time Zone

GMT +4 hours


Georgian, Russian with English spoken in main tourist areas

Dialing Code



220V 50Hz


Georgian lari

When to visit

Georgia’s weather can be broadly divided into two types. To the west, winds coming in off the Black Sea create a warm and moist subtropical climate. Here, the average temperature in the winter is 5°C, rising to 22°C in the summer. The east of the country is cooler and drier, with an average temperature of 2°C in winter and 20°C in summer. Altitude also has a drastic impact on temperatures and precipitation. The higher you go, the lower the temperatures, and the greater the chance of snow, making Georgia an excellent spot for skiing and winter sports holidays.

Georgia Experiences

  • Discover why Tbilisi is considered one of the most exciting capital cities in Europe and lose yourself among the colourful buildings and quaint streets of the capital.
  • Head to Batumi and the beautiful Black Sea coast, where you can relax and unwind on the beaches, or explore the city’s intriguing architecture.
  • Tour the Georgian highlands in a 4x4, discovering idyllic villages, vast mountain ranges, and peaceful lakeside swimming spots, as you go.
  • Explore the ancient cave towns that litter the Georgian countryside and delve into the region’s historical roots.


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