Frequently Asked Questions

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•  How do I book a holiday?
You can book your holiday online or visit nearest Qatar Airways Holidays shop. Please see our contact details by clicking here

What types of holiday packages does Qatar Airways Holidays offer?
You can book holiday packages including flight tickets and hotel stays online or by visiting one of Qatar Airways Holidays shops in the GCC region. Holiday types include Last Minute Holidays, All-Inclusive Holidays, Early Bird Holidays. You can further add Airport/Hotel Transfers, Car Hires, Activities, Tours and Travel Insurance to your holiday package. For customised safari and skiing packages, please contact us or fill the webform by clicking here

What does a holiday package include?
Holiday package includes flight and hotel stay. Customers can add airport/hotel transfers, car rentals, activities and insurance to their booking if available.

Can I book a flight ticket on
You can book flight tickets with holiday services such as hotels, tours and transfers. For booking flight-only tickets, please visit

Can I make a ´Hotel Only´ booking?
Yes. You can use the ´Hotel´ search option online to make your choice of hotel booking.

Can I book holiday packages from anywhere in the world?
Qatar Airways Holidays operates in GCC countries including Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait. You can book a holiday package if you reside in one of above countries. For hotel-only bookings, you can book from anywhere in the world.

How do I sign-up to hear about any offers?
To be the first to hear about our offers and discounts, please sign up to our e-mail newsletter by clicking here

Do you have a mobile application?
No, however our website is mobile friendly and you can easily book your holiday on your mobile device.

Do you sell gift vouchers?
If you’re looking for the perfect present, we offer gift cards to put towards our holidays. Please fill the request form on here and our consultants will help you.

Do I need a visa to visit my destination?
You may need a visa to travel to some of our destinations. Please check with the relevant embassy in your country of residence.

How do I get a visa for my holiday? Do you provide any visa assistance?
It is travelers responsibility to obtain and carry a valid passport and other traveling documents including visas, permits, vaccination certificates, travel insurance, etc. Qatar Airways Holidays will not be liable for any inconvenience, expense, loss or damage of any kind, if incurred by the customer due to failure of obtaining or producing such documents.


Where can I find more information on baggage?
For holiday baggage information such as how much can you take on board, what is allowed as carry-on baggage, oversized and excess baggage, please refer to Qatar Airways Support page by clicking here

Where can I find information on travelling with children or infants?
To make sure your journey is smooth and enjoyable for both yourself and your little one during your Qatar Airways Holidays, please refer to Qatar Airways Support page by clicking here

What transport do you use for transfers?
We’ve expanded our destinations throughout the years and in doing so can give more options on what type of transfers we can offer, from cars to coaches to limousines.


•  How do I book a holiday?
You can book your holiday online or by visiting nearest Qatar Airways Holidays shop. Please see our contact details by clicking here

•  Can I book a destination or a date that is not on your website?
Our consultants may be able to find you a holiday at your preferred destination depending on availability. Please fill the web form by clicking here, or contact us.

•  Can I book my holiday in advance?
Holiday package booking can be made whenever convenient, just as long as the destination is available. We endeavour to make your holiday as affordable as possible so be sure to register to receive our Qatar Airways Holidays e-mail newsletters so you can be kept up to date of newly released specials.

•  Why should I book in advance?
It is advisable to book in advance in order to receive the best deals and availability according to your preference and our recommendation.

•  Do I pay a service fee for holiday bookings?
Service fee of QAR 100 (or the local equivalent) will be applied for bookings made at Qatar Airways Holidays shops and call centre. Online bookings are free of service charge.

•  Can I make a last minute holiday booking?
You can make last minute bookings online or by contacting us. Last minute bookings depend on the availability.

•  Why aren’t all holiday packages available all the time?
Qatar Airways Holidays website offers packages including flights, accommodation, tours and additional products that are available at the time of your search and booking. Should you be searching for a holiday package advertised by Qatar Airways Holidays and not able to locate it, it is likely that the package is sold out. Please select options that are showing available or you may choose to search alternate dates. Availability of some products are subject to change or expire from time to time. Products such as cruise, group, safari and ski packages have fixed departure dates. Please contact us if you require assistance.

•  Can I obtain a quote from Qatar Airways Holidays and come back at a later time to confirm my booking?
We have a wide variety of packages available and pricing is current at the time of quoting. Qatar Airways Holidays is an instant purchase booking program, unfortunately quote details/pricing can not be saved. Pricing and availability are not guaranteed until payment has been confirmed.

•  How can I guarantee rates and availability mentioned in the quote I receive from Qatar Airways Holidays consultant?
The rates are dynamic and can't be guaranteed unless booked and confirmed based on the availability at the time of booking. To guarantee the price you are requested to make a full payment.

•  How many travellers can be in one booking?
You may book for up to a maximum of 9 travelers in a single booking (some conditions apply). For more than 9 travelers, please contact us for group bookings.

•  How can I make bookings for groups?
If you have travel request for 10 or more people, large group or special events you can take advantage of our flexible payments, our low fares and our friendly service. For booking, please contact us or fill the web form so that one of our consultants will contact you

•  How can I make cruise holiday booking?
Please fill the web form by clicking here, or contact us

•  Do I receive a ticket or confirmation when I book with Qatar Airways Holidays?
You will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase. Where applicable, you may receive additional information or vouchers for “Travel Extras” booked in your itinerary. Please print a copy of the itinerary and any other documents that may be available and always have them on hand during your travel. You may be required to present these documents at your accommodation check-in or when redeeming your transfers and / or tours/activities. You are required to print a copy of your itinerary containing your E-Ticket numbers to present upon check-in. Failure to do so may result in refusal of travel.

•  What web browsers will allow me to make a booking?
- Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 and above - Mozilla Firefox version 30 and above - Safari version 4 and above - Google Chrome version 1 and above

•  How do I cancel my holiday?
We’re really sorry to hear you’re looking to cancel your booking. We need a confirmation from the lead name on the booking to do this so please contact us. Please check terms and conditions of your booking as there may be charges applied.

•  How do I amend my booking?
Please contact us and our consultants will help you for your booking amendments.

•  How do I change my hotel?
Please contact us and our consultants will help you for your booking amendments.

•  How do I make cancellation for one of the travellers in my party?
If you need to cancel one person from your booking only, then you can contact us and inform the details of who you want to cancel and we can do this for you.

•  Where can I get a Travel Insurance?
You can get your AIG travel insurance coverage online through > Extras > Insurance.

•  Can I change my travel insurance?
Please check Terms & Conditions of the policy sent via e-mail

•  What does the transfer price include?
Transfers could be one way or return. A return booking includes both the transfer from airport/port to accommodation upon arrival and from accommodation to airport/port on departure.

•  How can I change the name of the rental car driver or add another driver name?
Please contact us and our consultants will do amendments for you.

•  How can I change or upgrade my car?
Upgrades to and changes of your car hire can be arranged although this is, of course, subject to availability and the new cost. You can contact us, and we can check cost and availability for you before your travel. During your travel, please contact your local car rental provider for making amendments. Changes may incur additional charges and are subject to availability.

•  Why is there a price difference at the time of booking than the price advertised or I initially saw?
Our holidays and prices advertised are starting prices based on flight availability, fare class and limited number of negotiated prices and are subject to change according to first come first served basis. Your holiday package price can be further affected by taxes such as airline insurance, fuel and security, other package, tour or activity associated costs and currency exchange rates. The website or your travel consultant will advise you the price difference to any element of your holiday prior to booking confirmation and payment.

•  How do I request or add special assistance?
Please contact us or e-mail us on with your booking number and we can add your request on for you.

•  What kind of payment methods do you accept?
Our website accepts these major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club & Discover. We accept major Debit cards except those issued by banks in Qatar that do not support internet transactions. At our Holidays Shops we accept: Cash, Credit Cards and all Debit cards.

•  Do I get a discount on my booking if I am Qatar Airways Privilege Club member?
When you type QRPLATINUM (only for Platinum members), QRGOLD (only for Gold members) or QRSILVER (only for Silver members) on the voucher code area of online payment page, you will get 5% off your holiday package on

•  Can I get my money back later if I forget to type the voucher code while booking?
Unfortunately there will be no refunds if you haven’t entered your voucher code while booking


• Why will I buy Travel Guard Insurance?
The travel insurance policy, which is offered by subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), provides coverage in case of unforeseen circumstances that may force you to cancel or shorten your trip or seek emergency medical treatment while traveling. Your travel insurance also offers coverage for the loss or delay of your baggage, in addition to many other benefits described in the policy, which you can review before making your purchase. All coverage is subject to policy terms and conditions.

• How can I purchase the Travel Guard Insurance? You can purchase a travel insurance policy while booking your flights or via Manage a Booking after you have made your booking on

• Who can buy it?
Any Qatar Airways passenger more than three months of age (and less than 75 years old) can be covered under Travel Guard. The passenger has to be a valid and legal resident of the country where he / she is flying from.

• What is family travel insurance?
Family insurance is for maximum of 2 adults and children travelling together.You, your partner and children (less than 18 years old), can travel on the Family Insurance policy and receive full benefits each.

• What is the difference between Individual and Family Travel Insurance?
Individual policy is for non family member and family policy is for maximum of 2 adults only.

• What is considered as ‘family’ when buying travel insurance?
Partners traveling together is counted as family, and can book family policy. Family insurance is free of charge for children below 17 years old traveling with parents. Children traveling with parents should be below 17 years old. Otherwise, children need to buy individual policy.

• Do I need to prove that we are family?
You will not be requested to provide any proof when making a booking, however in case of any claim, the insurance company will require all supporting documents.

• Is there a special rate for family, and how many people?
Yes, unlimited children under the age of 18 with one or two adults will have special prices.

• My return flight is with another Airline, am I still covered?
Under Travel Guard, air travel coverage is only limited to Qatar Airways flight within the Qatar Airways network.

•  Can I take travel insurance only for one way?
Yes, for one-way journeys, the travel insurance policy will cover you up to 7 days after arrival at your final destination, provided this is outside of your country of residence.

• How will I receive the Travel Guard policy, and is it showing the benefits and the coverage?
The full details of the policy are displayed online before you purchase your travel insurance. AIG will email the policy to you once you have completed your purchase. You can also request a copy of your policy from AIG via Manage a Booking.

• What I have to do in case I did not receive the policy certificate or if I lost it?
If you lost or did not receive the travel insurance policy issued by AIG, you can choose it to be resent by visiting Manage a Booking and clicking the ‘email insurance policy’ button or you can also contact AIG directly.

• How can I get the full terms and conditions of my Travel Guard?
The full Terms and Conditions of your travel policy are available on the policy wording section of the Travel Guard Insurance pages on the Qatar Airways website.

• Can I cancel my Travel Guard travel insurance?
Please consult your policy documents or contact us if you would like to cancel your insurance. Should you have purchased your travel insurance policy in the countries mentioned below, you are allowed to cancel your policy prior to your date of travel. The contact details are below:

Qatar: Phone No:  00974 4496 7424 E-mail: • Can I make any amendment in the policy after receiving it?
You need to notify AIG of any changes by using the contact details provided in your policy.

• My credit card has been charged twice for travel insurance policy, who can fix this?
Please contact AIG, using the contact details provided in your travel insurance policy.

• What will happen to my travel insurance policy if Qatar Airways reschedules my return flight to later date?
If your return flight is rescheduled to a later date by Qatar Airways and you want to make a claim, you need to notify AIG. Your travel insurance policy will be extended to the rescheduled date.

• What I have to do if I had an emergency or accident abroad?
For 24 hour emergency assistance, please refer to contact numbers / email addresses listed in Assistance section. It is important that you call these numbers provided by Travel Guard as details in you policy before taking any action. For any out- patient treatment, please retain all original receipts and claim them on your return to your country of residence. For further details please refer to the claims procedure document.

• If I require treatment for an illness during my trip, can I claim for medical / hospital and other related expenses?
Yes, Travel Guard covers emergency illness medical expenses. This can be claimed as detailed in the claims procedure for covered illness in your trip.

• Does the Travel Guard policy cover the hotel booking in case of travel delay?
You will be reimbursed for all expenses incurred if your flight has been delayed for at least 4 hours.

• Does the Travel Guard policy cover theft or loss of personal money?
Yes, under the Platinum and Gold plans only.

• How will I report my claim?
Call our claims centre on the numbers provided to you in the claims section. A representative will review your situation with you, and will explain exactly what type of information we will require in order to be able to process your claim. You will then need to fax or mail the claim form with a list of the additional documentation needed. 

• How long it will take to proceed with my claim?
We aim to process claims within 21 days of you submitting all of the required documentation.

• Can I claim if Qatar Airways has cancelled my flight?
No, Travel Guard does not cover a claim if the airline cancels the flight.

• Can I purchase additional optional coverage?
You can purchase the following optional cover from AIG, via Manage a Booking, as an addition to your return trip travel insurance policy. Please note that the optional cover listed below cannot be purchased on a standalone basis: – Winter and Harzardous Sports cover – Terrorism Extension cover (Platinum and Gold plans only) • My itinerary does not reflect my travel insurance policy even though my premium payment has been processed by AIG. What should I do?
To confirm that your policy was issued correctly, please contact AIG using the contact details provided in your travel insurance policy.

Contact Details For Assistance:
For 24-hour emergency medical assistance, refer to the country where you purchased your travel insurance policy for the relevant contact details:

United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar
Telephone : 44 1273 400 610 Email: 

Arabic speaking passengers
: Telephone: 971 4 5096111 Or email on:  (This service is available from Sunday to Thursday, 8:00 hours to 17:00 hours, local UAE time) 
Claims Offices Contact Details:

To register and submit your claim please find below the relevant local contact details where you purchased your travel insurance policy.

AIG MEA Limited (QFC Branch) Office No. 402, Qatar Financial Tower; West Bay, PO Box: 23043, Doha, Qatar Telephone number: 974 4496 7428 E-mail: Operating Hours : Local hours: 0800 to 1700 hours, Sunday to Thursday

AIG MEA Limited (Kuwait Branch) 5th floor, Al-Kharafi Tower, Osama Bin Monkiz Street Area 7, Al-Qubla, Kuwait City, Kuwait office Telephone number: 961 1 990127 E-mail: Operating Hours : Local hours: 0800 to 1700 hours, Sunday to Thursday


What’s the dress code at my hotel?
Dress codes vary between hotels. However, as a rule, it’s a good idea for gentlemen to pack a pair of long trousers to wear for dinner, as hotels usually insist on this.

When does my All Inclusive finish?
Your All Inclusive package will finish when you check out of your room. Some hotels may extend the All Inclusive until you leave the hotel, but this is at the hotelier’s discretion. If this applies, you’ll find out more when you arrive. In some cases, you can keep using the facilities for an extra charge.

Can my hotel cater for my dietary needs?
If you’ve got specific dietary needs, contact us before you book and we’ll find out if the hotel can cater for you. We’ll also add a note onto your booking to make the hotel aware of your requirements, but it’s best to speak to the restaurant staff when you arrive, too.

What’s in my hotel room?
Wondering whether you get tea and coffee, pool towels, Wi-Fi, a hair dryer or a fridge in your room? They’ll usually be listed on the Hotel Details page if they’re available. If you can’t find the information you need there, contact us and we’ll double-check.

What do I get within my board basis?
Here’s a guide to what each of the board basis options mean:   Self catering: Meals are not included at your accommodation, but you will be provided with catering facilities in your accommodation to cook light meals.   Bed and breakfast: Breakfast is included at your accommodation.   Half board: Your breakfast and evening meal are included at your accommodation.   Full board: Your breakfast, lunch and evening meals are included at your accommodation.   All Inclusive: What’s included in the All Inclusive package varies depending on where you’re staying. Take a look at the Hotel Details page for details on what’s included at the hotel you’re interested in. You’ll need to pay extra for any facilities marked with an asterisk.

We want to to celebrate a birthday or another event - is there anything you can do to make it special?
If you have any special requests, just let us know and we’ll contact the hotel for you. Please note, requests are not guaranteed, but the hotel will make every effort to accommodate them. Please contact us with your booking number and we can add your request on for you.

What time is check out at my hotel?
Check out time varies at each hotel, but you’ll usually need to leave your room by mid-morning or mid-day on the last day of your holiday. If you’re in a villa, you might need to vacate it earlier than this.

Can I pre-book a table in the a la Carte restaurant?
You can’t book a table in the a la carte restaurant before you get to your hotel. But, when you arrive, speak to a receptionist, who’ll let you know how you can reserve one.


My Holiday Advisor was really helpful - how do I let you know?
If you got great service from your Holiday Advisor, we’d love to hear about it. To give us any feedback, get in touch using our e-mail address

When will I get a reply to my complaint?
We’ll always aim to get back to you as soon as we can. However, this may take up to 3 days.

I’ve booked insurance with you - how do I make a claim?
Your policy document has all the necessary information. I cancelled my holiday - can you provide proof to give to my insurance company? We can issue cancellation confirmation document.

I lost something on holiday - who do I contact?
On the plane: If you lost something on the plane, you’ll need to contact the lost property department at the airport you were flying to, which is where things are handed in.
At the hotel: If you think you lost something at your hotel, it’s best to contact them directly to see if your item has been handed in.

What do I do if my luggage is lost or delayed?
You’ll need to report lost or delayed baggage at the airport by filling out a Property Irregularity Report and then calling the number on the form. For the first 5 days of baggage tracing, please contact the airport where you reported your baggage as missing. Please check Qatar Airways Support page by clicking here.

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