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Chiang Mai

Thailand is one of the world’s favourite destinations for adventure travellers and sun seekers. Exotic, beautiful, and filled with wonder, it’s a stunning country where you’re guaranteed a warm welcome. While most tourists head to the south, the north of the country is now opening up too. Chiang Mai, known as the ‘Rose of the North’, is now the go-to destination for travellers. Surrounded by stunning mountains and lush, green countryside, it’s very different from the beach-lined towns and cities of the south. Qatar Airways Holidays is always looking for new and exciting destinations for our discerning travellers. Chiang Mai holidays are guaranteed to give you an authentic Thai experience filled with natural and man-made beauty.

For nearly a thousand years, Chiang Mai has been an important cultural centre. With a backdrop that includes the towering Himalayan mountains, it’s a breathtakingly beautiful location packed with historical wonder too. Qatar Airways Holidays to Chiang Mai lets you discover exotic gardens, dazzling temples, and natural beauty, combined with superb hotels and culinary packages giving you a real taste of Thailand.

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