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If you want to fall into a melting pot of history, culture and modern life, then Istanbul is your perfect destination. Ottoman architecture, Byzantine frescoes and awe-inspiring skyscrapers all merge to form an eclectic and unique location that has been a key trading post for aeons. Sitting on the edge of both Europe and Asia, Istanbul was at the final stage of the legendary Silk Route. When the merchants arrived in Istanbul they fell in love with the city and stayed. Combine this with influence from the Greeks, Persians, Romans, Venetians and finally the Ottomans, and you have a culturally diverse history.

The Hagia Sophia Museum and church, Casilica Cistern and the Blue Mosque are just some of the incredible sites Istanbul has to offer. Bustling bazaars are full of spices, souvenirs, fabric and leather goods, and business is always done over innumerable cups of tea. Qatar Airways Holidays are always on hand to help you experience this wonderfully diverse city.

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