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Germany Holidays

From Berlin to Bavaria, Germany is full of surprises. Brooding forests, fairytale castles, modern art and opera – it's an eclectic and distinctive country with plenty to offer the curious traveller. Let Qatar Airways Holidays help you discover this fascinating country with a package that gives you the opportunity to explore the ultra-modern attractions of its cities and the stunning countryside of its interior.

In terms of history, German has had quite an impact on the world. You can stand in a Roman amphitheatre or find out more about the country's influence on art and design. This is a country where you can see the future right next to its past, and it is this diversity that makes Germany unique.

Food is an important part of German culture and enjoying a pretzel and schnitzel alongside some of the more regional and seasonal dishes means you will start to build memories based on the tastes, sights and sounds of this beautiful country.

Things to do in Germany

Holidays in Germany