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Morocco holidays

Perched on the tip of North Africa, Morocco is home to contrasting landscapes, from the Moroccan Sahara Desert and arid mountains, to the jagged coastline that faces both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Book a Morocco holiday package with Qatar Airways Holidays and visit Marrakech with its walled Medina, huge mosques, and bustling souqs where you can haggle with locals. Unwind on the pristine beaches in Agadir beneath the Anti-Atlas Mountains, or go surfing off the coast of the fort town of Asilah.

Holiday Packages

Morocco holiday Packages

Experience the beauty of Morocco with Qatar Airways Holidays and visit the country’s majestic Atlas Mountains, or its plethora of ancient fort cities and towns that are bursting with history and stories. A trip to this exotic country is on every seasoned traveller's 'Bucket List', so why not get there in style with Qatar Airways Holidays? Enjoy a Morocco culinary experience and taste traditional dishes like couscous and beef stews that have been cooked in tagines.

With a wide range of luxury hotels in Morocco, you can book a beach holiday in Agadir or a city break in Marrakech, and there are plenty of dining options, activities and tours to make your trip a truly memorable one.

Good to know

  • Time Zone
    GMT, Summer GMT+1 hour
  • Languages
    Arabic, Berber, French, English
  • Dialing Code
  • Electricity
    220V 50 Hz
  • Currency
    Moroccan dirham
  • Experiences

    Morocco holiday experiences

    • Morocco’s history dates back more than 12 centuries, and its strong culture has been influenced by Europeans, Berbers, and Arabians, who have each played their part in the country’s heritage.
    • The capital Marrakech is bustling and multi-cultural with traditional souqs and a maze of alleyways. Visit the Medina and get lost down winding alleys that lead to gardens and the open-air theatre, or watch musicians and entertainers perform in Djemaa el-Fna. Learn about Morocco’s art and history at the Marrakech Museum, or escape the busy streets in the huge Agdal Gardens.
    • The port city of Tangier is the gateway to the Mediterranean and home to beautiful uncrowded golden beaches. You can visit the nearby ancient Hercules Cave, or take a boat trip from the harbour and go fishing in the cobalt sea.
    • Casablanca is one of the more modern cities in Morocco, and it’s been the setting of many famous films over the decades. To the north of the port city is the Old Medina, while Quartier Habous, known as the nouvelle Medina, blends French and Moroccan culture and has an array of cafés, shops and markets. Climb the stairs of the Phare d'el Hank lighthouse and marvel at the stunning views, or stand outside the huge Hassan II Mosque that stretches over the water.
    • A trip to Fez will transport you to the old world due to its preserved medieval architecture and walled Medina that boasts a labyrinth of narrow paths leading to busy markets full of spices, ceramics, leather and food stalls.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      Best time to travel to Morocco for a holiday?
      Morocco has a Mediterranean climate, which means you may be surprised as to the lushness of the north and central mountainous areas of the country. Further southeast you’ll encounter more of a desert landscape, with typically high temperatures. However, thanks to the Canary Current that blows in from the Atlantic, even during the height of summer the coastal region is comfortably cool with very few temperature extremes. Summers, in general, are largely dry and sunny, with temperatures from June through to early September ranging from between 29-31°C.

      Travel to Morocco in the winter and you’ll find it can be surprisingly wet and quite chilly, with daily temperatures barely out of single figures. In the mountains, you will encounter snow, and in fact, the Atlas Mountains offer some excellent skiing conditions, with good quality powder snow and much smaller crowds on the slopes than you get in northern Europe. During really cold winters you may even get snow down as far as Fez.

      The shoulder seasons of spring and autumn are best if you prefer it a little cooler, but are happy to chance the occasional shower. Head south of Agadir and you’ll encounter a much drier and arid desert landscape, where temperatures can climb into the high 30s and occasionally the low 40s°C.

      Where is the best place to travel to in Morocco for a holiday?

      It’s just a few hours’ flying time from Qatar, making a package holiday to Morocco the perfect idea for a long weekend or impulsive break away with a loved one. Movie lovers must include at least one visit to the legendary Casablanca, which is also home to the enormous Hassan II Mosque, the second-largest mosque in the world. It’s a buzzing, cosmopolitan city with lots of energy and colourful souqs where you can buy those essential souvenirs.

      Marrakesh is known as the ‘Red City’ and is a much more authentic Moroccan experience, with its busy markets and bright red sandstone buildings. This is the Morocco most people come to see, so expect it to be busy during the peak tourist seasons of spring and early summer.

      Fez is a winding labyrinth of tiny alleyways and streets, with a huge medina and a reputation for outstanding leatherwork. Meknes, nick-named the ‘Versailles of Morocco’ is breathtakingly beautiful, and definitely the place to go if you love fabulous architecture and a magnificent blend of Islamic and European cultures.

      Winter sports lovers will be drawn to the superb facilities available in the Atlas Mountains, while adventurers can book excursions out into the wilds of the desert.

      Morocco: amazing facts and reasons to visit
      • Game of Thrones – One of the biggest TV series in years was filmed extensively in Morocco (following a long tradition of the country being the backdrop for such famous blockbusters as Star Wars). There are excursions available that will take you through some of the more famous locations. For example, the magnificent clay city of Ait Ben Haddou was used to represent the city of Yunkai in the series.
      • Desert explorations – the deserts of Morocco are natural wonders that, when the rains come, burst into life. During the spring they can become carpets of wildflowers where there was previously nothing but scrub and red sand. Tours also provide you with the chance to explore the desert in dune buggies.
      • Wellness – Morocco is famous for its hammans, where you can relax in a steam bath before having a professional massage that is guaranteed to relax and unknot those tired muscles.
      • Trekking – For those who love the outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities to go trekking. Both the Rif Mountains and their larger cousins, the Atlas Mountains, offer a fabulous selection of hiking and cycling trails, making them a magnet for adventure tourists.
      Latest travel advice for holidays in Morocco

      Morocco is generally a safe country to travel to, with low levels of crime and a warm, friendly welcome for anyone travelling to the country. It is a predominantly Muslim country, so you will find that you may have to adapt slightly during Ramadan, when you’ll find restaurants and shops often close during the day. However, once the sun goes down the whole country celebrates breaking the fast, making evenings during Ramadan especially vibrant and entertaining.

      If you are visiting mosques and holy sites, please dress accordingly. Greetings are usually a handshake, followed by lightly touching your chest over your heart with your right hand. It’s considered improper to handle food with your left hand, especially if you’re eating a communal meal.

      Food and drinks are usually of very high quality and well cooked, but it is advisable to avoid drinking tap water.

      Which are the best places to visit in Morocco?

      While you may be tempted to stay in the cities, it’s worth exploring a little further afield to get a true understanding of this ancient and multi-faceted country. One of the best excursions has to be a trip to the extraordinary Ait Ben Haddou, a city built of red bricks that looks as if it has been left unchanged for centuries. Along the way, you’ll see Berber villages clinging to the sides of the Atlas Mountains, and dramatic canyons that plunge down between the sheer cliffs.

      The Draa Valley is a lush ribbon of oases linked by a river that runs from the High Atlas and towards the Algerian border. A visit to the Sahara desert should be on everyone’s bucket list, while the coast of Morocco is surprisingly good for water sports like surfing and kayaking.

      What are the best tour packages in Morocco?

      Morocco is one of those destinations we know you’ll want to come back to again and again. The majesty of the mountains and the sweeping sand dunes of the desert, ancient and colourful cities with their busy souqs, or the remote beauty of a Berber village – it’s all here for you to discover.

      Take a weekend break at the luxurious La Tour Hassan Palace in Rabat, where you’ll be treated like a prince or princess, and be pampered from the moment you step through the doors. Explore the beauty of the Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses, or spend five days exploring the colour and vibrancy of Marrakesh. For the ultimate package tour to Morocco with Qatar Airways Holidays, why not book a place on one of our Amazing Morocco 8-day tours? This comprehensive tour of the country takes you to all the top sites in Casablanca, Meknes, Fez, and Marrakesh

      Why go on holiday to Morocco with Qatar Airways Holidays?

      Whether it’s a spur of the moment weekend break away, or a planned vacation with the whole family, package deals to Morocco with Qatar Airways Holidays are guaranteed to be the trip of a lifetime. Let us take care of all the details, including flights, accommodation, and some excursions, while you sit back, relax, and soak up the true spirit of this beautiful destination.

      Booking a package holiday to Morocco with Qatar Airways Holidays is your chance to discover this exotic destination for yourself, in all its vibrant, colourful glory.