Perched on the tip of North Africa, Morocco is home to contrasting landscapes, from the Moroccan Sahara Desert and arid mountains, to the jagged coastline that faces both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Book a Morocco holiday package with Qatar Airways Holidays and visit the capital Marrakech with its walled Medina, huge mosques, and bustling souqs where you can haggle with locals. Unwind on the pristine beaches in Agadir beneath the Anti-Atlas Mountains, or go surfing off the coast of the fort town of Asilah.

Morocco Destinations

Morocco Holiday Packages

Experience the beauty of Morocco with Qatar Airways Holidays and visit the country’s majestic Atlas Mountains, or its plethora of ancient fort cities and towns that are bursting with history and stories. A trip to this exotic country is on every seasoned traveller's 'Bucket List', so why not get there in style with Qatar Airways Holidays? Enjoy a Morocco culinary experience and taste traditional dishes like couscous and beef stews that have been cooked in tagines.

With a wide range of luxury hotels in Morocco, you can book a beach holiday in Agadir or a city break in Marrakech, and there are plenty of dining options, activities and tours to make your trip a truly memorable one.

Good to know

Time Zone

GMT, Summer GMT+1 hour


Arabic, Berber, French, English

Dialing Code



220V 50 Hz


Moroccan dirham

When to visit

In spring from mid-March to May when the landscape is green and lush, and lovely in Autumn from September to October when temperatures are very pleasant.

Morocco Experiences

  • Morocco’s history dates back more than 12 centuries, and its strong culture has been influenced by Europeans, Berbers, and Arabians, who have each played their part in the country’s heritage.
  • The capital Marrakech is bustling and multi-cultural with traditional souqs and a maze of alleyways. Visit the Medina and get lost down winding alleys that lead to gardens and the open-air theatre, or watch musicians and entertainers perform in Djemaa el-Fna. Learn about Morocco’s art and history at the Marrakech Museum, or escape the busy streets in the huge Agdal Gardens.
  • The port city of Tangier is the gateway to the Mediterranean and home to beautiful uncrowded golden beaches. You can visit the nearby ancient Hercules Cave, or take a boat trip from the harbour and go fishing in the cobalt sea.
  • Casablanca is one of the more modern cities in Morocco, and it’s been the setting of many famous films over the decades. To the north of the port city is the Old Medina, while Quartier Habous, known as the nouvelle Medina, blends French and Moroccan culture and has an array of cafés, shops and markets. Climb the stairs of the Phare d'el Hank lighthouse and marvel at the stunning views, or stand outside the huge Hassan II Mosque that stretches over the water.
  • A trip to Fez will transport you to the old world due to its preserved medieval architecture and walled Medina that boasts a labyrinth of narrow paths leading to busy markets full of spices, ceramics, leather and food stalls.