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Food in Paris France

Top 7 Foods from Paris that you can find in the supermarkets

1.Inhale Fresh Bread From The Boulangerie

There’s nothing better than crunching on a baguette fresh out of the oven! Wandering the streets of Paris with a baguette in hand is essential!

But until you can visit, why not buy from your local supermarket.

2. Have Chocolate For Breakfast

OK you are on holiday, that means chocolate for breakfast is definitely fine, so go on and have that chocolate croissant for breakfast. Any boulangerie or patisserie in town will have “pain au chocolat,” especially in the morning. Try to get there right at opening to get them as fresh as possible, that’s when they’re the best!

But until you can visit, why not order some fresh Pain au Chocolat from your local bakery.

3. Try As Much Cheese As Physically Possible

You are in Paris, so you have got to fill yourself with as much cheese as possible. Taking a food tour is a great way to be able to try many types of cheese and also to learn about cheese making and which cheeses are the best. Cheese is also one of the best cheap eats in Paris.

But until you can visit, why not visit your local supermarket for some fresh cheese and have you own cheese night.


These little balls of goodness are made from sugar and almond flour and are gluten-free. You can find them in all sorts of flavors and all around Paris. 

But until you can visit, why not order some delicious Macaroons from your local bakery or restaurant.

5. Sip On Real Hot Chocolate

Be sure to try some “chocolat chaud” while in Paris. Thick, rich and creamy, it’s unlike anything you’ve had at home. The best thing about French hot chocolate is that is it made with actual hard chocolate so it tastes even more chocolatey.

But until you can visit, why not order some delicious Hot Chocolate from your local cafe or restaurant.

6. Indulge In Crepes: The Tastiest Street Food Ever!

It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a child, everyone loves Crepes, and with Crepe stores at every street corner in Paris, you will be spoilt for choice. The best part… they’re portable, so you can eat while you walk. Get a classic Banana Nutella crepe or a savory cheese crepe.

But until you can visit, why not order some delicious Crepes from your local Bakery.

7. Profiteroles

Ok, so “profiteroles” are really just a fancy French name for cream puffs, but they’re still amazing! 

But until you can visit, why not order some delicious Profiteroles from your local supermarket.