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Privilege Club Members - FAQs

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Collecting AviosSpending Avios

Collecting Avios

How do I collect Avios on my Holiday Package?
When booking your Holiday Package through any of the below, provide your Qatar Airways Privilege Club membership number to collect Avios:
online at https://www.qatarairwaysholidays.com/; or 
at any Qatar Airways Holidays Shop; or 
over the phone (contact us here), 
Not a member? Click here to join. 
Avios will be credited between 4 to 8 weeks after completion once your products have been used or after the trips/package has been fully utilized. 
How many Avios do I get on my Holiday Package?
Earn 1 Avios for every 5 QAR, SAR or AED spent on holiday packages
Earn 2 Avios for every 1 KWD, OMR or BHD spent on holiday packages
The Avios you earn for your Holiday Package are additional to the Avios you will earn from your flight (if you have booked a Flight+Hotel package). 
For example, if you book a holiday package of $3,000pp (excluding taxes)*, you would earn 3,000 Avios for the Holiday Package, in addition to the Avios from your flight(s).
How do I collect Avios on hotel only bookings?
You can contact us by phone or quote your booking number within 30 days after the booking to collect Avios on hotel only bookings.
I have purchased a Holiday Package for 4 people, will I earn Avios per passenger or per overall Holiday Package?The Avios that you earn is calculated for the entire package and credited to Adult 1 (Lead traveler). If the other travelers are also Privilege Club members, then they will earn Avios on the Qatar Airways flight portion only.
Can I insert my membership number and earn Avios when I’m booking a Holiday Package for nominated family members or individuals?No, you have to be a part of the traveling party and the lead traveler in order to earn Avios on the Holiday Package. The Avios will be credited to your account upon the completion of the Holiday Package.
How can I claim missing Avios from my Holiday Package?
Please contact us here in order to claim your missing Avios. Please supply your booking reference and lead traveler name upon submitting your request.
How can I ensure that my Avios are credited to my Privilege club account?
To make sure your Avios are correctly credited to your account, please ensure the following:
The last name and first name given when making your reservation must match the name that is in your Privilege Club membership profile. Please provide your membership number at the time of booking or check-in.

Spending Avios

How do I spend Avios on my Holiday Package?
Payment using Avios can only be done by Qatar Airways Privilege Club members on their Holiday Package when selecting ‘Pay with Avios.’ 
Members can also choose to ‘Pay with Avios’ on Holiday Packages for nominated family members or any individual of their choice. 
Holiday Packages where Avios is used for payment are eligible for collecting Avios on the entire Holiday Package value.
How much Avios do I need to be able to spend Avios on my Holiday Package?
The Avios required to purchase a Holiday Package varies according to the holiday package selected. Members must have the required minimum balance of 2,000 Avios in order to use Avios in their Holiday Package payment.
Can I choose to pay with Avios for a portion of the Holiday Package only? E.g. I will pay Avios for hotel portion of the package but pay money for the flight portion of the package?
When you select Pay with Avios, the Avios payment applies to the entire Holiday Package irrespective of each of the products (flight, hotel, others) within the Holiday Package. You can use up to 100% Avios on the package value if your balance permits, or use a mix of Avios and cash.
Can I get a refund of my Avios if I cancel my package?
Cancellation of your Holiday Package is subject to the Holiday Package terms and conditions. In the event that the holiday package can be cancelled, your Avios would be refunded back to the member’s account.   
Can I combine my British Airways and Qatar Airways Avios to pay for the Holiday Packages?
Pay with Avios on Qatar Airways Holidays is available only for Qatar Airways Privilege Club members. 
You can link your British Airways and Qatar Airways accounts and transfer Avios to your Qatar Airways account in order to use Pay with Avios for Qatar Airways Holidays booking.