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Hatay holidays

, Turkey

Filled with ancient sites of international importance and the historic gateway between Turkey and Syria, Hatay Province is also one of Turkey's most important tourist and travel destinations. Its temperate climate and variety of tourist-friendly attractions - ranging from ancient cities and temples to sandy beaches and family-friendly resorts - makes Hatay a popular vacation destination for travellers looking for a sunshine break all year round.

At its heart lies the ancient city of Antakya, also known in antiquity as Antioch. A religious centre for many different faiths, its importance in the region means it is filled with fabulous buildings demonstrating the history of architecture and religious art in the region. However, head just a few miles to the beach and you’ll discover ultra-modern hotels and resorts, theme parks and attractions designed to entertain travellers of all ages. With a package holiday to Hatay with Qatar Airways Holidays, you have instant access to millennia of history, as well as welcoming accommodation and exciting attractions.

  • Explore the extraordinary Mosaic Museum in Antakya, as well as the city’s incredible religious buildings for their stunning architecture and murals.
  • Stay in the charming city of Iskenderun with its waterfront lined by palm trees and a vibrant nightlife culture.
  • Stroll along the Orontes River in Antakya and pick up a selection of trinkets, mementoes and fine Turkish jewellery in the bazaars and twisting allies.
  • Go hiking in the Nur Mountains or discovers the ruins of Bagras Castle, a once-strategic stronghold that defended the Byzantine Empire against attacks from the south.
  • Take a trip deep underground and explore the Caves of Heaven and Hell near Narlıkuyu.
  • Take the kids to the Dinopark in Kemer or try your hand at some water sports at the Palm Beach Club in Kalkan.
Holiday Packages

Hatay holiday Packages

If you want to discover a more authentic side of Turkish life, package holidays to Hatay with Qatar Airways Holidays take you away from the usual crowds and to a region where the pace of life is much slower. Here, you have time to relax, stop and smell the clusters of flowers that cling to the rocks and walls in ancient villages or discover new and exciting Turkish food that's a million miles away from the usual meze or kebabs. However, you'll also find high-end accommodation that has much more of a boutique feel, with all the conveniences you expect of a modern holiday destination. 

Spend time out in the region's stunning countryside from towering mountain ranges and rugged passes to sandy beaches and perfectly manicured gardens. If you want to explore the tastes of Turkey, then our culinary packages to Hatay will let you sample everything from simple street food to exquisite meals served in impeccable surroundings.

Good to know

  • Time Zone
    GMT +3 hours
  • Languages
    Turkish, English
  • Dialing Code
  • Electricity
    230V 50Hz
  • Currency
    Turkish lira
  • Experiences

    Hatay holiday experiences

    • See the region from a different perspective by taking a trip on the Alanya Pirate Boat. The tour takes you from Alanya harbour and along the coast past the Red Tower, Alanya Castle and a series of caves.
    • Go on a horseback ride through the Taurus Mountains.
    • Visit the ancient city of Isos, established by the Greeks and today home to some of the best preserved ancient ruins in the region, including an aqueduct.
    • Spend time at the beach with the family relaxing.
    • Keep an eye out for music and dancing events throughout the year, including traditional Turkish dancing and modern jazz and blues festivals.
    • Explore the Titus Tunnel in Antakya, a marvel of Roman engineering and still a major aquafer today for the city.

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