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Sarajevo holidays

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most historic and beautiful cities in eastern Europe. It sits in a valley and is surrounded by stunning countryside. It’s a charming, timeless, and relaxed destination, making it the ideal spot for a city break. Sarajevo is also surprisingly quiet, with far fewer crowds than other capital cities in Europe, even during the summer. During the winter, it’s also a great location for a Christmas break. Qatar Airways Holidays take you to this unique destination all year round, and can help you plan your trip, from arranging flights from all of the major departure points, through to booking characterful hotels and boutique B&Bs with plenty of Bosnian charm.

Sarajevo has an extraordinary history, and marks the spot where the two halves of the Roman Empire split. It’s a melting pot of cultures from all over Europe, and this eclectic blend of people has made it an incredibly tolerant and peaceful city. It’s a centre for art, music, and literature that celebrates a wide range of cultures. It’s also incredibly picturesque and full of architecture of all periods, packed into a predominantly medieval framework. The result is a charming city that’s easy to explore on foot. With Qatar Airways Holidays to Sarajevo, you can discover the delights of this compact destination that’s always ready with a warm welcome at any time of the year.

Holiday Packages

Sarajevo holiday Packages

With so much to see and do packed into a small area, holidays to Sarajevo make the ideal short break for couples or families. Qatar Airways Holidays provide you with a choice of premium accommodation, excursions, culinary packages, and plenty of activities, all designed to help you make the most of Sarajevo.

Browse the selection of package holidays to Sarajevo on offer at Qatar Airways Holidays, and discover this wonderful city for yourself.

Good to know

  • Time Zone
    GMT+1 hour, Summer GMT+2 hours
  • Languages
    Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, English
  • Dialing Code
  • Electricity
    230V 50Hz
  • Currency
    Convertible mark
  • Experiences

    Sarajevo holiday experiences

    • Bicycle and walk tours: Because Sarajevo is small, it’s easy to find your way around. One of the most recent additions to the city is a brand-new cycle path that takes you from Ilidža to Hrasno. Alternatively, join one of the many walking tours that really help you to immerse yourself in the city, just like a local. Check out the Old Town, where you’ll wander through a maze of cobbled streets filled with artisan workshops, mosques, and boutiques.
    • The Latin Bridge: one of the most iconic structures in the city, it was here that Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914, sparking the First World War. It’s an historically important site and it also gives you a great view of the city from a different perspective.
    • Museums: Sarajevo has plenty of museums to explore, which will give you a great insight into the history and culture of the region. Check out the National Museum, which has a particularly interesting exhibition of the Turkish influences to be found in the city. For a more personal glimpse into Ottoman life in Sarajevo, visit the 18th century Svrzo House.
    • Local festivals: Sarajevo holidays give you a chance to join in with the local festivities too, and there are festivals and events all year round. The Sarajevo Film festival is held every year in July or August, and is one of the largest film festivals in Europe.
    • Skiing: If you love sports then book a Sarajevo holiday with Qatar Airways Holidays in the winter for some of the best skiing in Europe. The nearby mountains of Bjelasnica and Jahorina offer Olympic standard skiing, with 28k of trails and plenty of hotels.

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