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Cebu lives up to its name as the ‘Queen City of the South’. This busy tourist hotspot in the Central Philippines is the oldest city in the country, and the province itself is made up of a main island and over 160 surrounding smaller islands and uninhabited islets.

It’s packed with historical significance, charming attractions, and some seriously good shopping and restaurants. Outside of the main metropolitan area, you’ll find tourist resorts that make the most of the region’s stunning natural beauty, with some of the most incredible sunsets and deserted beaches to discover.

The atmosphere in Cebu City is almost village-like, despite the fact that Cebu city is home to almost a million people. Book a package holiday to Cebu with Qatar Airways Holidays and you’ll discover a rich, vibrant destination that makes the most of its natural assets, as well as welcoming visitors with that typical Filipino warmth. Tour old forts, busy markets, deserted beaches, and tropical forests filled with colour, scents and sounds, making Cebu tropical paradise holiday destination for couples and families.

  • Tour the sites of Cebu city, including the Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino, the culturally important Mactan Shrine (dedicated to Chieftain Lapu Lapu), and Fort San Pedro, the oldest Spanish fort in the Philippines.
  • Head to Bantayan Island, with its white sandy beaches and clear blue water that’s a must if you love snorkelling and diving.
  • Lace up your hiking boots and climb Osmeña Peak. It’s the highest peak in Cebu province, standing 1015m and providing dedicated hikers and climbers with some magnificent views across the Central Philippines.
  • For a glimpse of some of the dazzling tropical birds that are native to the Philippines, head to Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to the largest colony of migratory birds in the region, and a stunning location for anyone who loves wildlife photography.
  • Go whale shark watching. These magnificent creatures are native to the waters around the Philippines and are one of the biggest animals on the planet. Make sure you choose a reputable tour guide who will ensure that, while you get the chance to see these gentle giants up close, you won’t be disturbing their natural behaviour.

Holiday packages to Cebu with Qatar Airways Holidays are your chance to discover a whole new tropical destination that’s now starting to open up and become increasingly popular with discerning travellers. It’s a unique destination where the true identity of the Philippines is still apparent, letting you immerse yourself in the culture and history of this vibrant country.

We’ll ensure that you get to explore this beautiful destination at your own pace by taking care of all the essentials such as flights, accommodation and transfers, while you focus on having a great time.

Expect the welcome to be as warm as the weather, and the unique flavours and aromas of Filipino cuisine are bound to tempt you into trying something new and delicious every day. Look out for local specialities like kinilaw, a delicious seafood dish that’s served across the country, and is a Filipino variation of sushi. You’ll also see ‘Buko’ all over the islands, which are simply fresh coconuts that are opened and handed to you for the most refreshing drink at any time of the day.

Cebu Holidays FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Best time to travel

Cebu has a tropical climate, so there are two seasons – wet and dry. May is the hottest month, while June through to December is the wet season, with higher rainfall and humidity. January and February are the most comfortable months when temperatures sit at around the mid-20s°C, but can climb into the low 30s°C as you head into March. Humidity ranges from around 70-80% depending on the season. To avoid the potentially heavy downpours of the monsoon season, it’s best to travel in January and February.

Travelling to Cebu

With Qatar Airways you can fly direct to Mactan Airport, with transfers to the city of Cebu. Book a package holiday with Qatar Airways Holidays and we’ll take care of all the transfers for you, so you know you’ll be able to leave all the details to our friendly, professional staff from the moment you check in to the moment you arrive in your hotel or resort.

Getting around

The easiest way to get around is by taxi, which can be hailed from the side of the road or pre-arranged by your concierge at your hotel. If you do hail a cab then make sure you agree on the price before you start your journey, or look for an official metered cab. If you’re feeling adventurous, get a ride with a ‘jeepney’ which is the local minibus service. Buses are also plentiful and very cheap. If you want to explore the other islands in the province then you can hop onto one of the many boat trips that shuttle between the islands.

Good to know



Time Zone

Philippine Standard Time (UTC +8)


Tagalog, English

Dialling Code



220 Volts and 60Hertz. Plug types A, B and C, so you may need a converter

Cebu Holidays Experiences

  • For a true taste of the Philippines, head to the country’s most famous ‘restaurant’, Siomai sa Tisa in Tisa, Labangon. The ‘restaurant’ part is simply an arrangement of tables and chairs at the side of the road, but you’ll find the very best siomai (steamed Chinese food), finished off with halo-halo, a Filipino take on the ultimate ice-cream sundae.
  • Go scuba diving at one of the many PADI-approved diving schools on the island. Mactan is the main centre for scuba, but you’ll also find plenty of smaller schools all over the island.
  • Hire a boat and go to Kontiki Reef, where the water is glass-clear and perfect for a lazy afternoon’s snorkelling and swimming.
  • Visit Kawasan falls, a spectacular set of falls, two of which are open to the public and are an excellent opportunity for photographers to get snapping.
  • If your holiday falls in January, join in with Cebu’s biggest event the Sinulog Festival for plenty of dancing, music, displays of Filipino martial arts, and entertainment.