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New Delhi holidays

Capital of the world's second most populous country, New Delhi is a teeming metropolis that's a whirlwind of sensory experiences. Sprawling over an enormous area, the city is the site of thousands of years of intriguing history and is a melting pot of peoples and cultures. Its citizens have witnessed empires rise and fall, each leaving their own unique legacy in the process, but New Delhi has always retained a strong sense of individual identity.

Its streets are home to some of the country’s finest restaurants, most important cultural institutions, and famous landmarks. A holiday package to New Delhi with Qatar Airways Holidays gives you the opportunity to discover the Indian capital, without any compromise on comfort or style.

  • Switch between the ancient and the contemporary as you jump from the historic districts of Old Delhi to the skyscrapers and colonial architecture of New Delhi.
  • Immerse yourself in the local cuisine – some of the best in the entire country. Taste delicious dishes such as butter chicken, stuffed parathas, dal makhani, and chole bhatura – a spicy chickpea mix with deep fried bread.
  • Work your way around the enormous Red Fort – home to the region’s historic Mughal rulers and an atmospheric attraction for many visitors.
  • Explore Connaught Place – once the colonial heart of the city and now an area teeming with entertainment venues, restaurants, and a fantastic blend of trendy and traditional shopping opportunities.
Holiday Packages

New Delhi holiday Packages

After an action-packed day of exploring Delhi’s frantic streets, you’ll want to return to a comfortable hotel that boasts all of the modern amenities you could need. Holiday packages to New Delhi with Qatar Airways Holidays are a great way of ensuring that you stay in high-quality, luxury accommodation for the entirety of your visit to India. If you’re looking for things to do, see and experience, we can help there, too.

Our culinary packages to New Delhi will introduce you to the city’s excellent street food, cafés, and fine dining cultures. Guided tours of much of the city and surrounding region are also available. If you want to take the stress and hassle out of organising your trip look no further than Qatar Airways Holidays.

Good to know

  • Time Zone
  • Languages
    Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi
  • Dialing Code
  • Electricity
    220-230V 50 Hz
  • Currency
    Indian rupee
  • Experiences

    New Delhi holiday experiences

    • Take a walking, bicycle or motorbike tour to fully appreciate the incredible history and culture of this sprawling metropolis.
    • Organise a day trip to Agra and visit the inspirational and iconic Taj Mahal. Just a short distance from New Delhi by train, this architectural wonder is within easy reach of visitors to the capital.
    • The Delhi Flower Show takes place in February and is one of the largest events in the city’s cultural calendar. With a huge variety of exotic plants and flowers on display, its perfect for those who want to add a little colour to their holiday.
    • Delve into the city’s fascinating cultural legacy and vibrant modern art scene, with a trip to the National Gallery of Modern Art – one of the country’s most influential artistic institutions.

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