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Mumbai Holidays,


Mumbai is India’s biggest and busiest city, its most cosmopolitan, and its most delightfully chaotic! It’s the country’s economic powerhouse, and at the forefront of its artistic, fashion and filmmaking movements. A hypnotic swirl of sounds, colours, smells and sensations, it’s a city that both typifies India’s drive forward and illustrates its willingness to preserve its past.

Take a trip to Mumbai and visit the home to some of the country’s most important landmarks, best shopping opportunities, and a vibrant cultural scene, it’s the ideal holiday destination for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in modern Indian culture. When you book a Holiday package to Mumbai with Qatar Airways Holidays, you can discover it all.

  • Wander the streets and sample some of the country’s best street food. Stop for chai at a street café, and then shop your way around the Chor Bazaar in search of a bargain.
  • Explore the intricate designs of the imposing Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai’s iconic railway station. A heady mix of Gothic, Victorian, Hindu and Islamic architectural styles, more than 3 million people pass through it every day, making it the world’s busiest railway station.
  • Stand beneath the Gateway to India, the impressive colonial arch built to welcome King George V on his visit to the subcontinent, and one of Mumbai’s most famous landmarks.
  • Travel to Mumbai and discover the Bollywood film industry and launch your acting career by becoming an extra in a Bollywood movie for the day.

When visiting Mumbai, it’s vital that you’re able to retire to a peaceful and luxurious hotel after a day enjoying the city. Mumbai Vacations & Holiday packages with Qatar Airways Holidays ensure your stay in the city is filled with comfort and luxury from the moment you arrive. Mumbai is home to many high-quality hotels that guarantee comfortable rooms, tranquil surroundings, and excellent standards of service, and we’ll help you decide which is best for your holiday.

If you want to discover the excellent local cuisine, our culinary packages to Mumbai will help you sample the delicious street food on offer. Guided tours can also be arranged to allow you to better understand the history, culture, and community of Mumbai.

Good to know

Time Zone

GMT+5:30 hours


English, Hindi, Marathi

Dialing Code



220-230V 50 Hz


Indian rupee

When to visit

In Mumbai, the year is split into a wet season and a dry season. Summer runs from March to June and, during this time, conditions are largely dry, with average highs of around 33°C. Immediately after the summer, the monsoon period arrives and lasts from July to September. Temperatures peak in November then cools off for the winter. However, the average low never drops below 16°C.

Mumbai Holidays Experiences

  • Time your visit to coincide with one of the city’s many festivals. There’s Diwali, the festival of light, Ganesh Chaturthi, a celebration of the elephant god Ganesh, or the fabulous Holi, the festival of colours.
  • Shop your away around Colaba, where you’ll find the latest Indian fashions, luxury saris, and a variety of beautiful garments.
  • Escape the city and explore Elephanta, a small island to the northeast of the city centre. It’s home to a small fishing community, a fascinating cave temple and ancient wall carvings.
  • Tour some of the city’s many stunning Hindu temples and learn about the religion’s many gods, goddesses, and interesting stories.