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The four best dishes to come out of Italy

1. Pizza

1. Pizza is probably the most famous of all Italian foods and just had to be number 1 on our list. One of the best things about Pizza is the numerous choices when it comes to toppings and probably the reason why it is one of the most popular dishes in the world. Did you know that Pizza originates from Naples and was originally created to feed those living in poverty? This of course changed over the years and now is enjoyed by everyone.

2. Lasagna

Anyone that visits Italy has to try Lasagna at some point. This old favorite combines layers of pasta, meat, veg, cheese and tomato sauce to make something truly delicious. Did you know that although the Italians made Lasagna famous, you can track its origins back to Greece.

3. Tiramisu

The Italians didn’t stop at creating the most epic layered dinner…they also decided to create the most scrumptious layered dessert too. Thus Tiramisu was born. This popular Italian dessert can be found in almost any café you visit in Italy and with it being made up of layers of creamy mascarpone, sponge cake biscuits and expresso, it is no wonder that it is a favourite all over the world.

4. Risotto

Risotta is another hearty Italian favourite that makes our list of the best Italian food creations. Like Pizza this dish is both delicious and versatile. It can be made so many different ways and can include veg, meat or both. Did you know that the history of Risotto is tied to the history of rice in Italy. Rice was first introduced to Italy by the Arabs during the Middle Ages and soon after Risotto was born.