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Uganda holidays

Sitting in the heart of East Africa, Uganda is one of the most diverse and exciting countries on the continent. Famously called the ‘Pearl of Africa’, it has undergone monumental changes over the centuries and today is hugely popular with tourists looking for a genuine African adventure. Home to the highly endangered mountain gorilla and chimpanzees, it’s also a magnet for wildlife lovers who want the chance to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

While many tourists tend to flock to the more well-known destinations of Kenya and South Africa, Uganda offers as much in the way of rich flora and wildlife, and much smaller crowds. Package holidays to Uganda with Qatar Airways Holidays opens up the possibility of exploring a part of Africa that hasn’t succumbed to the usual tourist trappings and instead offers an exciting and authentic glimpse into the ‘real’ Africa.

  • Get ready to haggle in the bustling markets of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city and still a hugely important trade centre for this part of Africa.
  • Get the best opportunity to see gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, or the Mgahinga Gorilla National park, which will take you deep into the jungle and even give you the chance to glimpse the elusive Golden Monkeys too.
  • Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life on the stunning Ssese Islands, which form a chain along lake Victoria’s edge.
  • See even more wildlife at the Queen Elizabeth National Park, situated between Lakes Edward and George, where you’ll see plenty of hippos and, if you’re particularly lucky, the park’s famous tree-climbing lions!
Holiday Packages

Uganda holiday Packages

Bold and full of energy, Uganda is one of the continent’s most exciting destinations. Thanks to the popularity of its nearby neighbours among tourists, it has, however, remained relatively undiscovered by the majority of travellers to East Africa. As the country truly opens up and embraces tourism (especially eco-tourism), it is quickly becoming one of the most desirable spots to visit on the planet. Markets and boutiques offer plenty of opportunities to buy reminders of your travels in this dynamic country, and you are guaranteed a warm welcome wherever you go.

Africa’s cuisine is also becoming one of the hottest topics among food lovers, explore the culinary delights and experience the diverse flavours and tastes of this part of Africa. With a sprinkling of colonial influences mixed in, you may be surprised at the dynamism and innovative dishes the country’s young chefs are creating. Check out the distinctive flavours of luwombo, which is meat, fish, or groundnut sauce steamed in banana leaves, and a national favourite.

Good to know

  • Time Zone
    GMT+3 hours
  • Languages
    Swahili, English 
  • Dialing Code
  • Electricity
    240V 50 Hz
  • Currency
    Ugandan shilling
  • Experiences

    Uganda holiday experiences

    • Uganda has some of the best white-water rafting rivers in the world. Go kayaking on the Nile, or rafting all the way to Kampala.
    • Escape the crowds with a visit to the charming mountain town of Sipi, where you’ll be able to take in some fabulous views of the local waterfalls or take a guided tour along the hiking trails.
    • Get the ultimate view of Africa’s mighty Rift Valley by visiting the Cacao and Vanilla plantations in the Rwenzori Mountains.
    • Include a gorilla tracking experience as part of your package holidays to Uganda with Qatar Airways Holidays. Only a few tourists are granted licences each day to keep numbers down and to avoid disturbing the animals, so make sure you book well in advance if you want the chance to see these incredibly rare creatures in the wild.
    • Spend time on the shores of Lake Victoria to see hippos and crocodiles in the wild.

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