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Whether you prefer swimming, snorkelling and soaking up the sun, or want to explore the cultural heritage of this fascinating region, a package holiday to Kuwait with Qatar Airways Holidays is a great way to discover the country. Packed full of incredible shopping, dining and leisure opportunities, Kuwait is an excellent choice of holiday destination for those that want to see, feel and experience something a little different.

A Kuwait City trip, provides visitors with a plethora of cultural attractions, the coastal resorts further south are the perfect destinations for relaxation, recuperation, and experiencing a luxury lifestyle that’s uniquely Kuwaiti.

  • Enjoy the enormous variety of international and local foods in one of Kuwait’s many respected restaurants, then wash your meal down with a glass of hot, sweet tea in a city café.
  • Stroll along the long coastal paths that line Kuwait City’s waterfront and watch the sun go down over the Arabian Sea.
  • Relax in a luxury beach club, try your hand at waterskiing, or go scuba diving in Kuwait’s beautifully warm waters.
  • Climb the iconic Kuwait Towers for a stunning sunset view of the capital. Alongside a dedicated viewing platform, there’s a restaurant offering buffet service throughout the day.
Holiday Packages

Kuwait holiday Packages

There’s an enormous amount to see and do when visiting Kuwait, but conditions are also perfect for taking it easy and simply enjoying the finer things in life. Culinary packages to Kuwait allow visitors to sample local seafood delicacies, while also experiencing the finest international cuisine the country has to offer.

Trips can be taken to the calm coastal regions outside of the capital, and guided tours of Kuwait’s most important monuments and historic sights can be arranged. Holiday packages to Kuwait with Qatar Airways Holidays allow you to travel in style, stay in luxurious surroundings, and live life as it’s meant to be. They’re the perfect way to see this wonderful country.

Good to know

  • Time Zone
    GMT+3 hours
  • Languages
    Arabic, English
  • Dialing Code
  • Electricity
    240V 50Hz
  • Currency
    Kuwaiti dinar
  • When to visit

    Kuwait experiences long, dry, and very hot summers. Daytime temperatures in the hottest months typically range from 42-48°C. Early summer is cooler and with stronger winds, while late summer is more humid. Winters are short but can be considerably colder, and temperatures often drop to -5°C at night. The majority of the country’s rain falls between October and April, so for cool summer temperatures and low humidity, the best time to visit is May to June.

  • Experiences

    Kuwait holiday experiences

    • Visit the largest opera house and cultural centre in the Middle East, the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre. With an impressively diverse programme of events throughout the year, visitors can also enjoy an excellent film, music, and theatrical performances in this beautiful building.
    • The Hala Febrayer festival is a month-long celebration of the liberation of Kuwait. Held in February every year, it attracts visitors from all over the region and is famous for its impressive musical displays, parades, and carnivals.
    • Dive into Kuwait City’s bustling fish market and find yourself a bargain. Much of traditional Kuwaiti cuisine revolves around seafood, and this is the best place to find fresh produce.
    • Take a trip down to Khiran or Bnaider and enjoy the coastline away from the Kuwaiti capital. This is a popular area for water sports and beachside activities and is a great place to relax and unwind.

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