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Trabzon holidays

, Turkey

Sitting on the Black Sea coast of north-eastern Turkey, Trabzon is well away from the usual tourist hotspots of southern Turkey and as such has retained a unique and authentic atmosphere unchanged for centuries. Hugely important as a major gateway to Persia and the Far East along the ancient Silk Road, it’s always been a cultural melting pot where east truly meets west. Always popular with merchants, today, modern travellers looking for something different and unusual are now discovering Trabzon as a destination of choice.

Book a package holiday to Trabzon with Qatar Airways Holidays and you’ll uncover an ancient city filled with fascinating history, architecture, and cultural attractions that range from a ‘Venetian Castle’ to a Persian port. The welcome is warm, and a trip to this ancient city puts the sense of adventure back into your Turkish holiday.

  • Just like its more famous namesake in Istanbul, Trabzon has its very own Hagia Sophia, a church that was converted into a mosque and has now become one of the city’s most important museums. The freezes and artworks are stunning and the site is a must-see for any trip.
  • The city is full of beautiful Islamic architecture, including the Gulbahar Hatun Mosque and Tomb, built in 1514, and the city’s earliest mosque, the İçkale Mosque, built in 1470.
  • Browse the city’s museums, which chart the history of the location dating back hundreds of years and its importance as a trading post along the Silk Road, including the aptly-named Silk Road museum.
  • Immerse yourself in the culture of the region with a trip to the Memorial House Museum of Akçaabat, a small village that’s home to dozens of wooden mansions in the local style.
  • Tour the local monasteries, including the staggeringly beautiful Sümela Monastery, which sits precariously perched on the side of a sheer mountain cliff.
Holiday Packages

Trabzon holiday Packages

Holiday packages to Trabzon with Qatar Airways Holidays takes you to a region of Turkey that has remained largely unspoiled by over-development and retains much more of its original character. Its dramatic mountain beauty and the countless villages and towns nearby that seem to tumble down the sides of the cliffs gives it an almost Eastern European feel rather than a Mediterranean atmosphere, making it a unique destination in this sunny, friendly country.

Let us take care of all the details for you, including flights, accommodation and transfers, while you focus on discovering everything that Trabzon has to offer the inquisitive explorer. For culinary travellers, the city doesn’t disappoint, with high-quality restaurants serving both classical Turkish dishes and some local specialities too, such as Vakfikebir ekmegi, a local bread, and Hamsi (anchovies) which form a major part of the cuisine of the region. Hazelnuts are one of the biggest crops grown in the region, and you’ll find them used in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Good to know

  • Currency
  • Time Zone
    Further Eastern European Time (FET) (UTC+3)
  • Dialling code
    (+90) 462
  • Electricity
    220 Volts at 50 Hz, plug type F so you may need to pack an adapter
  • Experiences

    Trabzon holiday experiences

    • If you want to feel like a local, then head to the Şenol Güneş Stadium and catch a football match. Trabzonspor is one of the country’s most successful teams, and games are followed almost religiously by the locals. 
    • Trabzon may not be famous for its beaches, but head out of the city and you’ll soon find plenty of beaches to both the east and the west. Bear in mind that the Black Sea is cold during much of the year, but the beaches are clean and generally crowd-free even during the summer.
    • Catch one of the many festivals throughout the year, including the Kadirga Festival in June, which is the largest folk festival in the country. The Sultan Murat Festival at the end of August is another regionally-important folk festival, while Calendar Night or Kalandar Gecesi on the 13th January is an ancient celebration going back to pre-Christian times.
    • The surrounding countryside is stunning, with plenty of hiking and walking trails through the mountainous regions of Giresun and Rize provinces. It’s wise to get a local guide, as these are remote areas and almost untouched by tourism, but the views are definitely worth the trek.

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