Czech Republic

Czech Republic

An awe-inspiring, magical land that’s home to elaborate castles, manor houses, churches and monasteries, the Czech Republic is one of the most unique holiday destinations in Europe. While its capital is one of the premier tourist destinations on the continent, the country has so much more to offer than Prague alone. Whether you want to explore the lakes, forests, and mountains of Bohemia or hop between pretty provincial market towns, this country has something for everyone.

Travel to Czech Republic with Qatar Airways Holidays holiday package to experience this spectacular country in the best possible way.

  • Explore Prague, one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals and absorb all that the historic buildings, streets, bridges, and monuments the city has to offer.
  • Trek through the enormous nature reserve known as Bohemian Paradise and find out how it got its name. Here you’ll find churches, ruins, unusual rock formations, and unspoiled wilderness that stretches as far as the eye can see.
  • Tour the country’s many castles and experience what it would have been like to live as Bohemian royalty.
  • Discover the incredible cultural impact the Czech Republic has had on European artistic and literary movements by visiting the country’s impressive array of museums and galleries.

Czech Republic Destinations

Czech Republic Holiday Packages

Holiday packages to the Czech Republic with Qatar Airways Holidays give visitors the opportunity to discover the country at your own pace and in your own unique style. Whether you prefer hiking, cycling and rock climbing in the wilderness, or enjoying a delicious coffee in a cosy Czech café, we have something for everyone.

Guided tours to the biggest attractions outside Prague are easily arranged, and culinary packages to the Czech Republic offer visitors an interesting insight into the local cuisine and culture. With Qatar Airways package holidays, you’re guaranteed to stay in luxury surroundings, travel in style, and enjoy every moment of your getaway.

Good to know

Time Zone

GMT+1 hour, Summer GMT+2 hours


Czech, with English spoken in main tourist areas

Dialing Code



230V 50Hz



When to visit

In the Czech Republic, there’s a great deal of regional variation in climatic conditions, though the higher into the mountains you go, the lower the temperature and the greater the chance of snow. July and August can see temperatures rise above 30°C, but sudden thunderstorms are also common during this period. Winter temperatures regularly drop below freezing, making it a great destination for winter sports holidays.

Czech Republic Experiences

  • Enjoy one of the most architecturally stunning cities on the planet and make the most of Prague’s many cafés and fine-dining restaurants.
  • Get away from the crowds and take a trip to the cultural hub of Brno, the Czech Republic’s second city. Go to the opera, catch a play, visit museums, and eat at some of the best restaurants in the country, in this hidden gem of a holiday destination.
  • Try one of the region’s special spa treatments at Karlovy Vary. The hot springs have attracted aristocrats and artists for centuries and are renowned for their regenerative properties.
  • Take a cruise down the Vltava River and get a fresh perspective on the Czech capital. Famous for its intricate bridges and riverside buildings, a river tour offers a unique means of seeing the city. 

Czech Republic Travel Guides

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