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Norway holidays

Naturally beautiful and strikingly dramatic, Norway brings together the natural world and undisputed culture and design. Norway is the perfect destination for those who love the outdoors, and for those who love architecture.

The Scandinavian flair for design is famous and it’s no different in Norway. It is worth planning your trip around one of the many internationally renowned festivals that make the Norwegian’s calendars so busy. With Qatar Airways Holidays you are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime in this beautiful country.

Holiday Packages

Norway holiday Packages

There is so much to do in Norway, so let Qatar Airways Holidays help you plan your dream trip with an extensive list of luxury accommodation, tours and activities. 

Whether you want to visit in winter and see the northern lights, or summer for the everlasting days, Qatar Airways Holidays have just what you need for an unforgettable trip.

Good to know

  • Time Zone
    GMT+1 hour, Summer GMT+2 hours
  • Languages
    Norwegian, English
  • Dialing Code
  • Electricity
    220V 50 Hz
  • Currency
    Norwegian krone
  • Experiences

    Norway holiday experiences

    • Norway is known for its Fjords and the one to visit is Geirangerfjord. This 20km long emerald green stretch of water, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is overlooked by farms that cling to the hillside. Take the ferry to Hellesylt and then take watch cars negotiate the last 7km of the spectacular Eagle’s Way as it twists its way down the fjord with 11 hairpin bends.
    • Take a ferry to the Lofoten Islands and you will be blown away as you approach these craggy land formations that look so inhospitable. The main islands of Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy and Moskenesøy are all connected by bridges and tunnels and you can drive on the E10 and be blown away by the outstanding beauty surrounding you.
    • If you are after an Arctic experience then travel to Svalbard where the views are exactly how you dream the Arctic would look. This is a wilderness made up of glaciers, snowy peaks and foreboding icebergs. With more polar bears than humans and a rich history of polar exploration, it is hard to believe you are still in Europe. When you reach Longyearbyen you can go snowmobiling, jump on a huskie sled or take another boat trip further into the arctic.
    • The interest in Scandinavian design in recent years has made Norway a shopping destination. Young designers are bringing together traditional materials with contemporary styles. Certain foods such as 'Brown Cheese' and the traditional dried and salted leg of lamb can be purchased too.
    • Something of a culinary revolution has taken place in Norway in recent years. Many of the restaurants serve local and organic produce and are looking at ways to introduce traditional Norwegian cooking to the nation. You’ll normally find lamb on the menu but you will also see moose, reindeer, deer and grouse. Arctic cod, smoked salmon and stockfish are firm favourites too.

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