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Armenia holidays

Armenia holiday Packages with Qatar Airways Holidays will introduce you to one of Asia's burgeoning holiday hotspots. Boasting a beautiful, mountainous backdrop, swooping gorges, charming historical sites and exceptional cuisine, Armenia is an undiscovered jewel. There's plenty to see and do from exploring the ancient monasteries that pepper the hilltops to shopping in sleek, chic malls and hunting for treasures in bustling markets.

Straddling the border between Europe and Asia in the heart of the towering Caucasus mountains, this small but important country has been a centre for travellers and traders for thousands of years. Its important position on the ancient Silk Route made it a hub for merchants, which made this tiny country surprisingly wealthy for centuries. The result is a fascinating destination full of beautiful architecture and a melting pot of cultures.

Armenia has held on to its character despite the influences of everyone from the Romans to the Ottomans. It’s a warm and welcoming country, where you’ll be greeted with a smile everywhere you go. Book a holiday to Armenia with Qatar Airways Holidays and step off the usual tourist routes to discover a unique and ancient country full of surprises.

Whether you decide to take advantage of the winter snows or bask on a sun-bleached beach, package holidays to Armenia with Qatar Airways Holidays are the best way to enjoy some quality downtime.

  • Set against one of the country's most spectacular panoramas the ragged ruins of the Tatev Monastery built in the 9th Century ought to be on your list of things to see.
  • Known as the 'Pink City' Armenia's capital, Yerevan, takes its name from the rose-coloured volcanic rock that was used in the construction of many of its buildings. Packed with historic buildings and with plenty of museums to explore, Yerevan is a perfect destination for your package holidays to Armenia with Qatar Airways Holidays.
  • If you’ve got a head for heights, take a trip on the world’s longest cable-car, the Tatev Aerial Tramway. Offering unparalleled views on its journey from Halzor village to the Tatev Monastery, you’ll get an astonishing perspective on the Vorotan River Gorge, as you travel over 18,000 feet. Don’t forget to pack your camera.
  • Skiers should head for the Tsaghkador Ski Resort, which offers over 27km of snow-covered slopes.
Holiday Packages

Armenia holiday Packages

A relatively-undiscovered holiday destination, Armenia is a country that has remained unspoilt and hasn't bowed to the pressures of tourism. City skylines are dominated by domes and spiked with spires, giving them a distinctly Gothic feel. Head out to the smaller towns and villages, and you'll find houses built from distinctive volcanic stone. Whether you want to immerse yourself in traditional country life or experience the hustle and bustle of an Armenian city, there are holiday trip packages to Armenia with Qatar Airways Holidays to suit all tastes. Beautiful hotels offer 5-star luxury accommodation and you'll find plenty for younger visitors to see and do.

One of the best ways to explore a culture is to explore its gastronomy. Culinary packages to Armenia offer the chance to sample everything from simple-but-delicious street food, such as traditional Eech, to complex, delicate dishes served in elegant restaurants.

Good to know

  • Time Zone
    GMT+4 hours
  • Languages

    Armenian, English, Russian

  • Dialing Code
  • Electricity
    220V 50Hz
  • Currency
    Armenian dram
  • When to visit
  • Experiences

    Armenia holiday experiences

    • Visit in August to enjoy the annual Festival of Honey and Berries. Held in the Shamshadin region, you can expect a huge variety of different honey from across the country and some exquisite dishes made using local berries. In addition, the festival encourages artists and craftsmen from all over Armenia to come and show their work.
    • If you're visiting in the summer and need a fun day out for the kids, Water World in Yerevan is the place to go, packed with rides it's the perfect place to cool off.
    • Jermuk is home to the Jermuk Waterfall, also known as 'The Mermaid's Hair Waterfall'. Falling over 70 metres the water erupts in a spray of foam as it crashes onto the river below, making it the perfect picnic spot.
    • Close to the centre of the city, the Yerevan Botanical Garden is a gorgeous collection of flora from the Southern Caucasus. Left very much to the gardening skills of Mother Nature, it’s a beautiful place from which to soak up a sunset.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      When is the best time to travel to Armenia for a holiday?

      June and September when temperatures hover between the low 20s°C and peak at around 30°C. Between October and March are the best months for those who want to go skiing or enjoy a winter holiday.

      The seasons are very clearly defined in Armenia, with summer weather hot and dry while winters are cold and snowy. The summer lasts from June to September and temperatures can range from a reasonable average in the mid-20s°C through to the mid-30s°C during the hottest part of August. Rainfall during this period is low.

      Winter brings freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, which makes locations such as Tsakhkadzor a must for winter sports fans. Expect the temperature to range between -5°C to a very chilly -10°C in the mountains. The spring and autumn shoulder seasons are mellow and temperate, but you will encounter heavy showers occasionally. The best time to travel to Armenia for a holiday is May to July, or November to January for winter sports.

      Where is the best place to travel in Armenia for a holiday?

      Each region of Armenia has its own personality, offering everything from culture and museums in Yerevan to dramatic natural beauty in the Lake Sevan region. It’s a landlocked country, so don’t expect the usual beach holiday opportunities. However, Lake Sevan is a unique beauty spot and perfect if you like tranquillity and gentle water sports such as windsurfing.

      Head to the north and you’ll be surrounded by mountains and canyons, including the remote Shamshadin region, which rarely sees visitors and is totally unspoilt. Southern Armenia borders Iran and is wild and remote, with the Ughtasar Mountain range providing hikers and trekkers with plenty of opportunities to go wandering.

      City breaks in central Armenia take you to Yerevan, the country’s capital, where you’ll find museums, theatre and music venues, along with some excellent restaurants and great boutique shopping.

      What is the latest travel advice for holidays in Armenia?

      Holidays to Armenia are the perfect way to discover the rich culture and history of this complex country. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of to make the most of your time here.

      While shops and restaurants in the capital take all forms of card payments, you may find that in more remote parts of the country only cash is accepted.

      The country is renowned for its monasteries, but do remember that these are religious centres as well as tourist attractions. Dress appropriately and show due respect particularly during services and masses.

      It’s wise to carry a photocopy of your passport (not the original) at all times as you may be asked for identification.

      Armenia: amazing facts and reasons to visit
      • The Areni cave complex – home to people for thousands of years and a treasure-trove of hugely important archaeological evidence, the Areni cave complex is a unique and unusual attraction unlike any other. Caves cover the whole of Armenia and have been used for everything from places of worship to fortresses. Archaeologists even found a straw skirt dating back to 3900BC in one of the caves!
      • Vardavar – expect to get wet on this slightly crazy day! Celebrated as Jrotsi, which occurs 14 weeks after Easter and usually in the middle of July, it’s a chance for the entire country (and its visitors) to take part in the biggest ‘water fight’ on the planet!
      • Tolma Festival – This is a food-lover’s heaven, and a chance to taste one of the country’s most popular dishes. Head to Zvartnots to try a myriad of different tolma (also called dolma in Armenia), which is stuffed vegetables such as peppers or zucchini, wrapped in vine leaves.
      Which are the best places to visit in Armenia?

      For outstanding natural beauty, the Lake Sevan Region in the east of the country is the place to go. Located 2000m above sea level, this is one of the highest lakes in the country, and is also lined with popular beaches. If you want to escape the heat of the city during high summer then this is the best destination to head to. The lake is also lined with some superb restaurants selling fresh fish and crayfish dishes.

      Northern Armenia is mountainous and sparsely populated, but is well worth a visit for the beautiful Debed River Canyon and the remote Shamshadin region, where you’ll rarely see other tourists and have a chance to glimpse ‘old Armenia’ in all its simple beauty.

      What are the best tour packages in Armenia?

      Armenian holidays are perfect for the adventure traveller, but if you prefer your holiday accommodation to be slightly more luxurious then the Grand Hotel in the centre of Yerevan is our top recommendation. Luxurious and with an exemplary standard of service, the hotel really earns its name, thanks to the grand lobby and elegant, spacious rooms.

      The Grand is perfect for a weekend break with a difference. If you’re bored of Paris or Rome, Yerevan is a revelation, with superb cafés and restaurants, as well as boutique shopping and plenty of sights to explore. It’s also a great opportunity to try Armenian food, such as khorovats, khash, and those delicious stuffed vegetables, dolma (tolma).

      Why go on holiday to Armenia with Qatar Airways Holidays?

      It’s off the beaten track, and still has that air of adventure about it. Armenia straddles two continents, and is an incredibly complex and rich destination with thousands of years of history. Add to this a warm welcome, outstanding accommodation, and a genuinely friendly atmosphere and you’ve discovered what we think is one of the best-kept travel secrets on the planet. Package deals to Armenia with Qatar Airways Holidays take care of all the details such as flights, transfers and accommodation, so you can sit back and enjoy everything this remarkable country has to offer.