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Cambodia Phnom Penh Royal Palace

Phnom Penh holidays

Situated on the banks of the Mekong River, Phnom Penh is an atmospheric and enthralling city that’s got a huge amount to offer. Famed for its bustling food markets, pagodas, and lively nightlife, music and arts scenes, it remains one of Southeast Asia’s undiscovered treasures. Visitors can spend their Phnom Penh holidays exploring its complex history, head down the Mekong River for a glimpse of the luscious Cambodian countryside, or wander through its bustling city streets searching for delicious, curbside food stalls.

A Phnom Penh holiday package with Qatar Airways Holidays, you can discover this modern capital, the country’s ancient history, and its people’s unique culture.      

  • Take an evening walk along the river promenade – a hive of activity and one of the main meeting points for much of the city’s population. Then take a trip to the local café and watch the riverboats returning to the city at the end of the day.
  • Explore the city’s French colonial history and come to understand why Phnom Penh was once known as the ‘Pearl of Asia.’ Many instances of original French architecture remain, creating an interesting contrast with the newer buildings around them.
  • Visit the gold-topped Royal Palace and marvel at the site’s beautiful pagodas. Home to the Cambodian Royal Family and one of the country’s biggest attractions, it’s bright spires can be seen piercing the skyline from neighbourhoods throughout the city.  
  • Catch a performance at one of the city’s many entertainment venues. Whether you want to see traditional Cambodian music or listen to one of the country’s popular rock bands, music is an integral part of local culture and shows can be found everywhere.
Holiday Packages

Phnom Penh holiday Packages

With holiday packages to Phnom Penh with Qatar Airways Holidays, you can rest assured that no matter which hotel you choose, your room will be comfortable and of the highest possible standard. Working with several the city’s top hotels, we’re able to offer packages to suit all types of travellers, from lone explorers to families looking for something a little different. All our accommodation has been selected to ensure that you’re able to relax and unwind in absolute style at the end of the day.

Our culinary packages to Phnom Penh also give you the opportunity to sample the best of the country’s outstanding cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience, want to peruse the fresh ingredients at one of the many food markets, or are keen on sampling Phnom Penh’s delicious street food, our culinary packages have got you covered.

Good to know

  • Time zone
    GMT+7 hours
  • Languages
     Khmer, English, French
  • Dialing code
  • Electricity
    230V 50Hz

  • Currency

    Cambodian riel

  • When to visit
    The climate in Phnom Penh is tropical, and temperatures are warm throughout the year with almost no rainfall during the dry season. The wet season runs from May to October and the dry season from November to April. The average high throughout the year is around 32°C.
  • Experiences

    Phnom Penh holiday experiences

    • Time your visit to coincide with the annual Bonn Om Touk Festival. This impressive water festival revolves around the hugely prestigious boat race, in which brightly decorated vessels compete to see who will be declared this year’s champion.
    • Take a tour down the Mekong River and discover how Cambodia’s water-based communities live and work on this hugely important delta.
    • Take a break from the city and spend a few days visiting the iconic jungle temple of Angkor Wat. Located a few hours from Phnom Penh, the town of Siam Reap is home to this incredible archaeological find, now thought to be the largest religious complex in the world.
    • Watch a traditional dance performance, in which graceful performers share the stage with shadow puppets, and the region’s religious tales are told through the medium of dance.

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