Historic birthplace of Alexander the Great, Macedonia is one of Europe’s most unusual and exciting holiday destinations. While its beautiful mountain ranges, peaceful lakes and verdant countryside provide visitors with the perfect playground in which to pursue a variety of outdoor activities, Macedonia is also home to several vibrant and exciting cities. The capital, Skopje, has recently undergone a dramatic makeover and is now renowned for its imposing classical façades and elegant public squares. Bitola is a hidden gem, in which the local cuisine and a growing café culture form the foundations of a unique city identity. 

Travel to Macedonia with a holiday package from Qatar Airways Holidays as it's the perfect way to explore this largely undiscovered country at your own pace, and in your way.

  • Wander the streets of historic Skopje and marvel at the incredible number of statues, the extravagant architecture, and the graceful bridges that crisscross the River Vardar.
  • Head to the beautifully serene Lake Ohrid and relax and unwind in stunning natural surroundings. Stroll along the lakeside and absorb the peaceful atmosphere before sitting down for a romantic dinner at one of the region’s fantastic restaurants. 
  • Take a trip to the mountain retreat of Popova Shapka and enjoy the excellent skiing and snowboarding on offer.
  • Head to the mountain village of Galičnik in July for the annual Wedding Festival and experience authentic Macedonian culture through dance, music, and festivities.
  • Hike through the hills overlooking the picturesque town of Prilep and discover the ruins of medieval fortifications, inhabited mountain monasteries, and beautiful, rolling green landscapes.

Macedonia Destinations

Macedonia Holiday Packages

With holiday packages to Macedonia with Qatar Airways Holidays, you can experience all that Macedonia has to offer while travelling in luxury and style. Guided kayak tours of the country’s rivers and canyons illustrate the incredible natural heritage of the region. Culinary packages to Macedonia allow you to sample Bitola’s famous burek pastries and taste the hearty national dish, tavce gravce. Day trips to some of the country’s most important landmarks can be arranged, and transport to the mountains or national parks is readily available. 

With a package holiday to Macedonia, there’s so much to see, do and discover that it’s guaranteed to go on your list of favourite world destinations.

Macedonia Experiences

  • Weave your way through the crowds at Skopje’s Old Bazaar, find yourself a bargain, or stop for a delicious cup of Turkish coffee and watch the world go by.
  • Climb all the way to the Millennium Cross at the peak of Mount Vodno for exhilarating views of the capital, Skopje, and the surrounding area.
  • Trek down Matka Canyon, where you’ll discover several monasteries, a network of hiking trails, and explore the region by kayak or canoe.  
  • Time your visit to coincide with the Taksirat Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in the Balkans. Taking place at the very end of November, the festival attracts some of the biggest names in alternative music from all over the planet.