Domestic staff, company sponsored and other workers




Important information

This accommodation is only suitable for adults 18 years of age or over. 


7 night Mekaines Quarantine Packages 


1. Important information

Once a booking is made, amendments are not allowed. Cancellations are allowed up to 14 days before the arrival date of your quarantine booking, including full refunds.

All cancellations inside 14 days are subject to 50% cancellation charges*

If you confirm your booking within 14 days of arrival there is a 50% cancellation fee and the dates cannot be amended*. Please therefore do not book your quarantine package until you are sure that the details are correct.


* The following exceptions to the above apply

  • Flight was cancelled or changed by the airline

  • Compassionate grounds, supported by some documentary evidence, such as a positive PCR result preventing travel

  • Exemption from quarantine granted upon arrival into Qatar

  • If you have received both doses of a vaccination and are no longer required to undertake hotel quarantine, you must advise us no less than 48 hours before arrival to avoid cancellation fees

  • The State of Qatar rules of entry into Qatar change in a way that materially affects your booking


Cancellation Policy





14 days before arrival

Upon customer claim

No fees

Mekaines and welcome home packages

48 hours before arrival

Customer provides exemption from MOPH due to - Vaccination

No fees

Mekaines and welcome home packages

Upon arrival

Any exception provided from MOPH or MOI


QAR 220

Mekaines and welcome home packages


Due to a large number of exceptions to quarantine granted on arrival at HIA we are experiencing an exceptionally high number of requests for refunds. We aim to process all requests within 60 days of the refund request being received. If your refund request is within 60 days please do not call, we are working on date received basis.  

Important Information for all arrivals  

  • Please do not book a “Mekaines Quarantine Package” until you have read all of the information on this page, you have approval to travel to Qatar, and you know what type of quarantine you will be required to complete.

  • There is a daily limit on arrivals entering Qatar and demand is extremely high.

  • If you are searching for availability and no results are displayed, it is most likely that the daily arrivals limit has been reached. You will need to choose another date.


Important contact information for all customers

Before making your booking, please ensure you read all of the information below to ensure that you understand the booking terms and conditions.

Please also be aware that if you qualify to self-quarantine at home, if your preference is to book a Mekaines quarantine package, this is permitted.

If you need to book more than three rooms, please call us on +974 4423 7999 or email us.



2. Ministry of Public Health - Qatar travel and return Policy


Where can I find out the latest information?

We recommend that you regularly visit the MOP website and also follow the social media accounts to receive official information and alerts to any changes which may affect your journey

MOPH Travel and Return Policy:

MOPH Twitter: @MOPHQatar



3. FAQs related to your Discover Qatar booking



Can I choose the location of the accommodation?

No, you cannot choose the location. If you think this type of shared accommodation is not suitable for you, 3, 4 or 5 star hotel quarantine packages are also available  – see here for details


Can I book accommodation direct?

No, only bookings made through this website, on the phone number or email address provided will be accepted.


What is included?

Included in the price are the following

  • Your chosen accommodation for 10 nights

  • Transfer from the airport to your accommodation. A transfer coach operates throughout the day and may involve a wait at the airport.

  • Full board – breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Non-refundable mobile phone with SIM card received at Qatar Duty Free after clearing customs 
  • Any additional stay in the accommodation if mandated by MOPH in case of a positive test for Covid-19, up to an additional 14 nights

Each of the above items are included in the package and are mandatory. There is no reduction in price if you wish to remove any of the items.


I am an employer, how do I make a group booking for employees?

You are able to make a group booking on behalf of employees. If you need to make a booking for 10 people or more, you will need to email us at

To make a group booking, you will need to provide the following details for each individual on the booking:

  • Company Name

  • Lead person booking, with email address and phone number

  • Lead person travelling, with email address and phone number

  • Number of individuals, and full names as per their passport

  • Flight details for all individuals including flight number and arrival time

  • Gender, nationality, religion and any dietary requirements for all individuals

Full payment for the whole booking must be made in advance.


I am an employee, how do I make a booking for myself?

Once you have approval to travel to Qatar, you can make a booking using this website. 


What accommodation is available?

Mekaines Motel is a budget motel providing comfortable rooms and is located in Alsheehaniya, Mekaines area on Salwa Road. Rooms feature a shower with hot and cold water, amenities and a kettle.

Accommodation is available in the following categories:

  • Male only shared accommodation

  • Female only shared accommodation

Rooms must be booked at least 24 hours before arrival.

Maximum 3 people per booking.

All people on the same booking must be on the same arrival flight, and must book the same room type.


If I have already had a positive test for Covid-19, can I travel?

Once you have recovered and tested negative you can travel, by adhering to the entry and quarantine requirements already outlined.


Can I amend or cancel the booking?

Once a booking is confirmed, no amendments to quarantine packages can be made. Cancellations will be refunded in full up to 14 days before arrival. All cancellations within 14 days are subject to 50% cancellation charges with the following exceptions

  • Flight was cancelled or changed by the airline

  • Compassionate grounds, supported by some documentary evidence such as a positive PCR result preventing travel

  • Exemption from quarantine granted upon arrival into Qatar

  • If you have received both doses of a vaccination and are no longer required to undertake the self-funded quarantine, you must advise us within 48 hours of arrival – please see below for more information

  • The State of Qatar rules of entry into Qatar change in a way that materially affects your booking



4. Your safety and comfort are the highest priority - upon arrival and at your accommodation


What will happen on arrival into Qatar?

Those flying into Qatar via HIA airport:

Upon arrival at HIA, if you are required to enter self funded quarantine, you will be directed to a transfer to take you to your accommodation.

Those driving into Qatar via Abu Samra land border:

After completing border control formalities all travelers will be asked to drive directly to their accommodation, without stopping.

All members of the travelling party will be required to sign a declaration, stating that you will drive directly to your pre-booked accommodation. There will be a dedicated time period allowed before arrival is expected at your accommodation.


What happens at the end of the required duration of self-funded quarantine period?

When your final PCR test is confirmed as negative and clearance has been received, you will be able to leave your quarantine accommodation.


If I am flying into Doha, how will I go from the Airport to the accommodation?

A compulsory one way transfer will be provided.


Is there any limit to how much luggage I can bring in the transfer which is provided?

Luggage space is limited to one piece of checked in luggage and one piece of hand luggage per passenger. Additional charges will apply if you have excess luggage that cannot be accommodated into the transfer vehicle provided.


What steps are in place to ensure safety in the accommodation?

Your accommodation will be inspected and monitored by the Ministry of Public Health


What precautions are in place for staff at the accommodation?

Staff will also be under quarantine and will follow MOPH guidelines.


Have the staff been tested / are they routinely tested for Covid-19?



What will happen if there is an outbreak in the accommodation?

You will be required to follow instructions of Ministry of Health staff in the accommodation.


What medical services are available?

Medical teams will be at the accommodation 24/7


Will testing for Covid-19 be available at any stage?



What happens if somebody in my travelling party tests positive for Covid-19 at any time of quarantine?

You will be directed to follow the instructions provided by MOPH staff at the accommodation. This may mean that you are required to extend your period of quarantine. Should this happen, you will be charged for any additional nights you are required to stay in the accommodation.


How many meals will be served?

All quarantine reservations will be on full board basis. This will consist of breakfast, lunch and evening meal as a minimum.


Will I be sharing a room?

All accommodation is shared. Each room does have a private bathroom.


Is there wi-fi at the accommodation?

Unfortunately there is no wi-fi or internet access point available at the accommodation.


Will there be an accessible prayer room?

No, leaving the room is prohibited.


Can personal items or food be delivered to the accommodation?



Is there provision for outdoor exercise?



Will I be able to have contact with family members or friends who are based in Qatar, at any time during quarantine?

No. Physical contact is not allowed.


Will I be able to have contact with family members or friends at any time during quarantine (where they are also in quarantine)?

No, unless you are sharing a room.


If anyone on my travelling party has special needs, how do we communicate this?

Please make Discover Qatar aware of any special requirements at the time of making your quarantine package booking