Sweeping white beaches, crystal clear waters, vast deserts, and majestic mountains await you in beautiful Oman Vacation. Situated on the Arabian Peninsula to the east of the United Arab Emirates, the country’s long coastline makes it a perfect destination for sunny beach escapes and adventure breaks.

You can book a Oman city break with Qatar holidays to the capital port city of Muscat in the north and visit its Grand Mosque, or choose the lush oasis of Salalah in the south, where ancient Frankincense trees still grow.

Oman Destinations

Oman Holiday Packages

With a variety of Oman travel packages available with Qatar Airways Holidays, you can choose from city breaks, sunshine holiday packages, and offers on luxury hotels in Oman. Make the most of the country with one of the Oman tour packages and visit the historic town of Nizwa, or scuba dive in crystal clear waters off the coast of Muscat.

Taste the flavours of freshly-caught seafood in the coastal town of Sur, or sample traditional spices and sweets in bustling souks in Salalah with a culinary package in Oman.

Oman FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Best time to travel to Oman for a holiday?

The best time to visit Oman is from October to April, when the weather is cooler than high summer (which can easily hit the high 30s to the low 40s°C inland), and you’re unlikely to have your holiday interrupted by rain. There are differences depending on where you go in Oman. If you head to the coastal city of Salalah and the surrounding region then the summer heat is kept at bay thanks to a cool onshore breeze. So even in the high summer months you can expect temperatures of the high 20s to low 30s°C. Head to Muscat and the thermometer climbs well into the 40s°C during the summer months, so our advice is to visit this historic city during the winter and spring months. Not only is the temperature sitting pleasantly in the high 20s°C, but you’ll also be able to catch some of the country’s best festivals and events, such as the Muscat Music Festival in February. Oman is famous for its roses, and the blooms are at their best during March, and there’s plenty of fresh food to enjoy, including walnuts, pomegranates, and olives.

What is the latest travel advice for holidays in Oman?

Oman is a stable, safe, and welcoming country to visit, and as long as you take the same precautions as you would when travelling to any destination, you should be perfectly safe. You’ll find the local people warm and very friendly, and don’t be surprised if you’re invited to join the locals for a meal. Oman is a traditional Muslim country, so if you’re visiting mosques and holy centres please dress respectfully. There are no health warnings for Oman, but be aware that the high temperatures (especially during the summer) make dehydration a real issue. Ensure you always carry drinking water.

Oman: amazing facts and reasons to visit

  • Wattayah in Muscat. If you love history and want to see something different, visit Wattayah in Muscat, the oldest human settlement in the country which dates all the way back to the stone age.
  • Dhofar mountains & Arabian leopards. Head up to the Dhofar mountains to see if you can spot the elusive and incredibly rare Arabian leopard, a genuinely beautiful big cat that is critically endangered.
  • Visit where Queen Sheba ruled. Find out about the history of the incense trade at Sumhuram, where the legendary Queen of Sheba once ruled.
  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Take a look at the world’s largest chandelier in the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, and wonder how they got it so high up!
  • Go hiking on the breath-taking Jebel Shams or ‘Sun Mountain’ and be the first to watch the sunrise.

Which are the best places to visit in Oman?

From the russet beauty of the Sharqiya Sands to the imposing walls of Nakhal Fort, the rugged mountain beauty of Jebel Shams or the noise and excitement of Mutrah Souq, there’s so much to see and do in Oman. The country has more than its fair share of natural highlights, so if you love the outdoors and want to spend your time hiking or getting close to nature, then our top pick has to be the untouched beauty of Jebel Shams. Rising over 3,000m above sea level, it’s the highest point in the country. If you prefer luxury hotels, premium quality entertainment, and some of the finest restaurants in the Middle East, your base has to be the bustling city of Muscat. Even here, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to historical sites and cultural treats.

What are the best tour packages in Oman?

  • Whether it’s a long weekend in the Great Outdoors hiking and swimming in Wadi Shab, or a luxury stay at the InterContinental Muscat hotel, the best way to pack in as much as possible during your holiday to Oman with Qatar Airways Holidays is to book a package break. Take the whole family to Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa, or have the adventure of a lifetime canyoning in the dramatic Snake Gorge. If you and your loved one have just got married, why not pick Oman for your honeymoon? Treat yourself to the luxurious surroundings of the stunning Millennium Resort in Salalah, or take the whole family for a beach break at the Crown Plaza Resort.

Why go on holiday to Oman with Qatar Airways Holidays?

  • From powder-soft, sandy beaches to the very latest in luxury accommodation, package deals for the whole family or that secret escape with a loved one for a romantic honeymoon, Qatar Airways Holidays make sure your holiday to Oman is perfect from start to finish. We’ve carefully put together packages that give you excitement, relaxation, glamour and that all-important ‘you’ time, all in one perfect bundle. Our package holidays to Oman mean that you don’t have to worry about a thing – let us take care of every aspect of your holiday, including flights and accommodation.

Oman Experiences

  • Oman is widely known as the “desert country”, due to huge sandy plains, rolling sand dunes, and long coastline with white beaches, but there are some tropical surprises to be found too.
  • Salalah is a city in the south with unusual lush emerald landscapes, banana plantations, and Frankincense trees. Visit the UNESCO-listed Land of Frankincense and its museum to learn about the production and trade of this ancient oil that was once more valuable than gold.
  • In the capital Muscat, you can visit 16th century Portuguese forts, or discover the history of Oman’s distinctive architecture at Muscat Gate Museum. Learn about the marine species of Muscat’s surrounding waters at the Omani Aquarium and Marine Science and Fisheries Centre, or take a dip in the sea and scuba dive alongside Oman clownfish or loggerhead turtles.
  • Watch camel races at Al-Fulaij racetrack in Barka, ride dune buggies along Wahiba Sands, or learn about the traditional Bedouin culture with a desert safari. You can visit the town of Sohar, home of the legendary Sinbad the Sailor, and relax on safe beaches, or visit Sohar Castle.
  • In Ras al Jinz, watch endangered Green Turtles lay their eggs on the beaches, or take a dhow cruise in the calm waters of Khor Ash Sham and see dolphins play.
  • Back on dry land, the Western Hajaar Mountains are perfect for hiking, and stunning vistas await you from the magnificent Wadi Nakhr canyon.
  • Bustling souks offer a variety of trinkets and treasures, and no visit to Oman is complete without a trip to Muscat’s Muttrah Souq, where you can buy Bedu jewellery, Frankincense, and handcrafted gifts.