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Experience an unforgettable trip to London the vibrant British capital, brimming with museums, parks, exciting activities, and fine dining shopping opportunities at every corner, and discover some of the most famous sights in the world such as the Buckingham Palace, London Eye, and Trafalgar Square. Get the best London holiday package with Qatar Airways Holidays with an extensive list of activities, accommodation options, tours, and much more, and enjoy discovering what surprises each of London’s 32 boroughs has to offer.

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Get all what you need for a great trip to the British Capital from the best price on rooms in luxury hotels to comprehensive London Tour Packages. Book a day to explore historic British castles, or sit back and savor the best culinary experiences London has to offer. Choose the best London travel packages with Qatar Airways Holidays and make your vacation in London one to remember.

London Holidays FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

It’s one of the most exciting capitals in the world. From ancient forts to ultra-modern skyscrapers, some of the world’s greatest museums and art collections to the finest shopping, London has it all. If you love a bit of pomp and ceremony then a visit to Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of The Guard is a must, while theatre lovers will make a beeline for the bright lights of the West End and its world-class theatres. A thriving music scene sees bands of all types playing across the capital, while shoppers can browse the market stalls of Covent Garden or the boutiques of Bond Street.

A package holiday to London with Qatar Airways Holidays introduces you to one of the most diverse, cosmopolitan and cultured cities in the world. A world-class transport system makes getting around easy, and even in the more suburban boroughs of the capital, you’ll find something interesting, unusual, or just plain weird! It’s one of those destinations that’ll draw you back time and time again.

When is the best time to travel to London for a holiday?

Summer in London can be very hot and humid, as the ‘city effect’ tends to raise the temperature by a few degrees. Bear in mind that air conditioning is not commonplace in the UK, but most hotels, shops and restaurants will have air-con. Summer temperatures can range from the mid-20s°C to the low 30s°C on occasion, but as the UK has a temperate climate influenced heavily by the Gulf Stream, extremes of temperature are rare. Winters tend to be cold and quite wet, with occasional Atlantic storms influencing the whole country. Snow is rare, but sudden sharp frosts and strong winds can drop the ‘feels like’ temperature considerably. The best time to travel to London for a holiday is late spring, or early autumn (September), when the crowds are smaller and temperatures sit at a comfortable 20°C.

Where is the best place to travel in London for a holiday?

London is made up of various ‘boroughs’, each with its own distinct character. If your interests lie with touring museums, galleries and attractions such as Madame Tussauds, the royal parks and Buckingham Palace then staying in the centre of the city is the best way to access them easily. Thanks to London’s extensive metro system (known as the Underground or ‘Tube’) as well as its famous red buses and black cabs, it’s incredibly easy to get around the city from any point. London has more green spaces than almost any other city in the world, so if you need to escape the hustle and bustle for a while you can relax in St James’ Park or Hyde Park. Further out towards Kew and Hampton Court you’ll find some of the finest royal palaces in the world, along with vast parks and nature reserves. Towards the east of the capital is the city’s financial centre, as well as trendy areas such as Shoreditch and Hackney.

What is the latest travel advice for holidays in London?

London is a vibrant and busy city that runs 24/7. You’ll find a multicultural and cosmopolitan community, from the exciting Chinatown in the West End, to the restaurants of Knightsbridge and Kensington. The easiest way to travel around the city is by ‘Tube’, or as it’s also known, the London Underground. Daily or weekly ‘Oyster cards’ cut down the cost of journeys, making it quick and easy to get from one side of the city to the other. Underground trains run every day, but be aware that they do have a ‘cut-off’ time at night (usually around midnight, depending on the specific line). Night buses are a cheap alternative to night-time travel from clubs and late-night restaurants. Some parts of London (including the Underground) can be very crowded, so guard your valuables carefully and beware of pickpockets in tourist hot-spots. If you want to cycle around London there are hire-bikes available across the capital that can be picked up and then dropped off at any of the bike racks in the heart of the capital.

London: amazing facts and reasons to visit

  • Notting Hill carnival – One of the biggest carnivals in Europe, this summer celebration of culture and music in the heart of west London is a huge draw. It’s strongly influenced by the Caribbean community and is a chance for visitors to see just how multicultural the city really is. Even the police officers join in with the dancing!
  • Royal London – The British Royal Family are a huge attraction for visitors, and ceremonies such as the Trooping of the Colour, attended by the Queen, are major events. During the summer, tours of royal palaces such as Buckingham Palace are massively popular, and the daily Changing of the Guard or the morning ride out by the Household Cavalry in all their finery are great photo opportunities.
  • Shopping – Head to the West end (Oxford Street and Regent Street) for the best upmarket shopping, or wander around Camden Market for some vintage style and boutique buys.
  • New Year’s Eve – London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are world-famous, and the midnight firework display on the Embankment and around the London Eye is extraordinary.

Which are the best places to visit in London?

Because it’s such a diverse city, there’s always something to see or do.

  • Kensington – You’ll find all the major museums here, including the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum.
  • The South Bank – a focus for the arts, theatre and drama, and also home to the recreated Globe Theatre, home to the Royal Shakespeare Company in London. Just a block away you’ll also find the Tate Modern art gallery.
  • London Zoo and Regent’s Park – The London Zoological Society’s London Zoo is one of the oldest and most important zoos in the world, and is located right in the heart of the city.

What are the best tour packages in London?

Home to some of the most famous names in hospitality such as the Ritz and the Savoy, London’s hotels and accommodation ranges from the simple to the extravagant. We particularly like the Grosvenor House Hotel. This regal hotel has been a London landmark for years, but thanks to modern upgrades, it’s now one of the most luxurious and comfortable hotels in the centre of the city. Stay here for the perfect city break close to all the major attractions, shopping and entertainment.

Why go on holiday to London with Qatar Airways Holiday?

One visit to London is never enough. It may be relatively compact for a capital city, but London has so much to see and do, even those who live here all year round rarely get to see everything in one go! Package deals to London with Qatar Airways Holidays are the perfect way to experience everything the city has to offer. While you spend your time planning your itinerary, we’ll take care of your accommodation, flights and transfers so you get the chance to enjoy much more of one of the world’s greatest cities.

London Holidays Experiences

  • London is a very diverse city that has something to offer for everyone, and gives you the opportunity to tailor your trip to your own preferences, making it as active or relaxed as you want.
  • The major historical landmarks of the British Capital are definitely a must-see during your trip to London. The list includes the many Royal Palaces, Big Ben, London Bridge, London Eye, and much more. London is also home to world-famous museums where you can spend hours touring their unique collections, like the Natural History Museum, The British Museum, and the Science Museum.
  • If you’re looking for physical activities, head to Lee Valley VeloPark where you can cycle or wander through the greenery, or head to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where you can swim and do a wide variety of sports.
  • Nature lovers can also find their treat at one of the eight Royal Parks of London, of which the most famous is Hyde Park, covering 350 acres of stunning greenery.
  • A trip to London is never complete without enjoying some quality entertainment at one of the West End theatres. Soho district is one of the favorite places for nightlife lovers at the West End, housing some of the city’s best restaurants, pubs, and plenty of live music shows.
  • Culinary enthusiasts will find all manners of international cuisine on offer in Central London, where many restaurants are run by world-famous celebrity chefs.
  • London is also a great place for shopaholics with places like Harrods and Selfridges where you can get lost for days just shopping around.