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Tbilisi Holidays,

Georgia Holidays

Walk down one of Tbilisi’s winding, cobbled streets, and you’re just as likely to stumble across a traditional market selling local fruit and vegetables, as you are an exciting, live music venue. An incredibly diverse city that displays its long and varied history in the patchwork of architectural styles on show, Georgia’s capital is a wondrous holiday destination. Whether you’re there to discover the region’s interesting cultural heritage, enjoy one of Europe’s trendiest destinations, or sample the hidden delights of Georgian cuisine, you’re sure to have a great time.

A package holiday to Tbilisi with Qatar Airways Holidays is the perfect way to discover just what makes this city so special. With stunning natural landscapes right on the city’s doorstep and beautiful Black Sea beaches a short journey away, it’s also easy to get out of the capital and enjoy the countryside.

  • Discover a city packed full of fascinating history, that’s quickly becoming one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations.
  • Take a trip to the beach, bathe in the Black Sea and relax at one of the many luxury coastal clubs and resorts.
  • Enjoy the best cultural institutions the capital has to offer by visiting the Georgian National Museum, National Gallery, and Museum of Modern Art.
  • Shop your way through the quirky Georgian capital. With the perfect mix of big brand names and smaller boutiques, Tbilisi is a great place to pick up some extremely fashionable bargains.

With a culture that manages to successfully fuse a range of influences into a unique and vibrant national identity, Georgia is an unspoilt gem waiting to be explored. It’s perfect for both history and culture lovers, and those who want to have a more up-tempo, exciting holiday packed with adventure. Culinary packages to Tbilisi allow visitors to sample a national cuisine that’s founded on famously fresh produce and features tasty khinkali dumplings and the ubiquitous khachapuri.

Guided tours take you out into the Caucasus Mountains or down the breathtaking Black Sea coast. Holiday packages to Tbilisi with Qatar Airways Holidays let you explore this exhilarating capital while staying in luxury hotels and travelling in style. By taking the hassle out of organising a holiday, we make sure all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

Tbilisi Holidays Experiences

  • Make your way up to the Holy Trinity Cathedral at dawn and watch the sun break over one of the largest religious buildings in Europe.
  • Explore Tbilisi’s narrow, winding streets and lose yourself to the quaint, colourful buildings of its historic neighbourhoods.
  • Take a tour out to the mountains and discover the stunning green landscapes, imposing monasteries and hidden villages of the Georgian countryside.
  • Tour the surrounding countryside in your own 4x4 and cross hills, rivers, valleys and mountainsides as you explore Georgia’s natural heritage.
  • Hike up to the Narikala Fortress for spectacular views over Tbilisi and the surrounding area.