Tokyo Holidays

Tokyo Holidays,


Japan’s capital Tokyo is a city of contrasts. Here ultra high-tech and futuristic living meet and merge with thousands of years of tradition and culture. You can wander peacefully beneath the fragrant cherry blossom and contemplate life in a restful Japanese garden. Or be dazzled by the neon lights of the skyscrapers, where you’re just as likely to be greeted by a robot as by a human.

By night, the bright lights and pumping beats of nightclubs take over the city. Or you can slow the pace by taking part in the precise, traditional tea ceremony, which can take up to four hours and is the ultimate in Japanese hospitality.

Whether you’re looking for fast-paced fun or want to relax and unwind, a Tokyo holiday package with Qatar Airways Holidays delivers something for everyone of every age.

  • Sing your heart out at one of the city’s legendary karaoke bars.
  • Shop for the latest must-have gadgets and tech in Akihabara.
  • Take in the views from the Tokyo Skytree – the tallest structure in Japan.
  • Snap pictures of Mount Fuji, one of the world’s most photogenic volcanoes.
  • Visit the ancient temples and serene gardens to soak up the more traditional side of Japanese life.

From indulgent 5-star rooms to tiny sleeping pods, you’ll find somewhere to stay in Tokyo that will cater for every taste and budget. Book your tokyo vacation package with Qatar Airways Holidays, and you can choose from hotels themed to your favourite cartoon characters, countryside resorts with onsen (a Japanese hot spring spa), or city centre apartments right in the heart of the action. Wake up to a view of Mount Fuji or sleep peacefully thanks to the choice of pillows from a menu that ensures you’re refreshed and ready for a day’s exploring.

From sushi to soba, Tokyo is also a haven for foodies. Here you’ll find the highest volume of Michelin stars of any city. You’ll also come across tempting treats and delicacies on the street too. Culinary packages to Tokyo let you experience the very best that is on offer, and you can select from a range of other planned trips and experiences to build your perfect break away.

Tokyo Holidays Experiences

  • Step aboard an iconic bullet train to explore beyond the city at high speed.
  • Take part in the traditional tea ceremony at one of the many wooden tea rooms.
  • Plan your package holiday to Tokyo to coincide with when the cherry blossom blooms (sakura) in parks across the city. The peak time can vary depending on the weather, but it’s usually around the middle to the end of March.
  • Kids and adults alike can marvel at the huge number of species of fish lined up on the tables at the lively Tsukiji Fish Market. There’s no shortage of places to eat here too, and you’ll find sushi of all kinds to enjoy.
  • Unwind and rejuvenate body and soul in a Tokyo hot spring bath (onsen).