Travel to Japan with Qatar Airways Holidays and experience a country that has preserved its heritage yet still manages to embrace the future. High-tech Tokyo with its dizzying skyscrapers sit amongst tranquil gardens and temples, all within the shadow of Mount Fuji. In Kyoto, traditional geishas entertain in tea houses surrounded by temples and shrines.

Modern history has effected Japan too. Out of the devastating 1945 nuclear bombing, Hiroshima has grown into a vibrant, thriving city with tree lined streets, delicious oysters and boat trips to the “Island of Shrines”, Miyajima. It's also one of the key 'tech cities' in Japan, and a hub of entrepreneurial endeavour.

Qatar Airways Holidays are here to help you experience the luxury and traditions that Japan has to offer everyone.

Japan Destinations

Japan Holiday Packages

Luxury hotels are abundant in the major cities of Japan and Qatar Airways Holidays can help you find the right one for your needs. A package holiday to Japan is a great idea if you are planning on travelling around this fantastic country.

Speak to Qatar Airways Holidays about multi-destination options or alternatively, choose one one of our Japanese holiday packages suit your needs, and get an all round experience of this fascinating nation.

Japan Experiences

  • Bursting with a unique culture, Japan is probably like no other country you have visited before. With its tranquil gardens and serene temples, the place feels like an epicentre of calm, surrounded by a bustling metropolis. Visit when the cherry blossom is bloom and experience walking through the dreamy floral tunnels. If you really want to immerse yourself in the culture, then visit Kanikakuni in Kyoto. This former geisha house allows you to dress up in a kimono and learn about the history of this very traditional entertainment.
  • If you want to relax then head to the Japanese Alps and enjoy one of the several hot springs, known as “onsen”. Alternatively, if you are after something more active, Japan is renowned for its fantastic skiing.
  • If you are ready to shop, then Tokyo is a must. Electronic goods and gadgets fill the shops, alongside comic books and high-end fashion. There are plenty of smaller traditional shops, galleries and cafés to explore too.
  • In terms of gastronomy, Japan is paradise for any foodie. Sushi and okonomiyaki grace many menus, alongside the more daring dishes of locust, blowfish and unagi – grilled river eel.
  • Hiroshima will often mean one thing to most people. However, despite its dark past, it is vibrant, friendly and full of life. Tree lined streets and a thriving community make it a place to stay when visiting Japan.
  • Japan is one place in the world where you can reply on public transport! Clean, quick, efficient and on time, it is the perfect way to explore this country.